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Maxima was nerfed in the worst way possible

Look, I use Maxima, and I love her to death. But as a member of the community, it’s my, and your, job to speak up when something causes issues with game balance. After the 1.10, Max become a bit of an issue. Not to the extent of Dracoceratops and IndoG2, but an issue nonetheless. I applaud Ludia for making an effort to bring it down a peg. However, they did it in quite possibly the worst way they could have.

The removal of definite rampage enhances the already nearly unchecked rein of dodgers. No more does Maxima somewhat counter the Indos, Procerathomimus, and Erlidom. Now it’s just…a glorified Stegod or Tenontorex. That’s the only way I can describe it. What they should have done was reduced it’s HP to 1.9 levels, and left it at that. 1.9 Maxima was perfect as it was, and provided us with a counter to dodging abilities, which are pretty broken at the moment. Not to mention, with Indo, IndoG2 and Yoshi remaining either completely untouched or minimally nerfed, their tyranny over the arenas will only grow stronger.

Ludia, do something about this. In the 1.12 update, give Maxima her definite rampage back, but drop the health by 300, for a total health stat of 5400, and call it a day. Revert it to 1.9 stats. You gave Maxima everything she deserved in that update. Now she’s just…kind of aimless. Sure, she’s a top 10 dino still for sure, but now that she doesn’t counter dodgers, she’s lost a lot of her charm.


Indeed. I stressed this as much as possible in there release notes thread. They probably wont listen but I hope they do. A lot of people agree with this. It’s a bad idea. Removing definite from ig2 is okay not Maxima…


Have to agree a nerf to hp would have been fine to make it more easy to deal with.

A nerf to Definite rampage just buffs its counters as well as I raptors and procera



As I posted in other thread, his dad Ardontosaurus now has more useful moves than máxima does.


@Ludia_Developers no just no don’t do it. It provides a balance in the arena like a saint to keep things at bay. And definite rampage is the biggest reason for that.


This nerf is to hard now I can take out maxima coz it was my counter for dodge dinos…thanks to all crying ppl all the work and coins a for trash…


When we finally had a useful sauropod, they had to take that away from us…


Yes…this is stupid instead of ppl getting that dino too they rather cry for nerf…ludia take this chance for nerf and we have lost the dns coins and boosts


Indeed… I’m sick of constant nerfs, stat changes and changes in attacks every damn update. People keep talking about game balance, but how is it balance if the creatures constantly change? I’d rather have strong opponents and find a way to counter them, than having Ludia change them up again and again.


Ya I m sick of it too…after update ppl cry for nerfing dodge…


The maxima nerf was a bad move!


I initially thought it was a good change, but I’ve considered the sheer lack of true counters to evaders. Especially to Indo2

I now think retaining Definite Rampage and getting a small damage nerf is more appropriate.

Maybe if a poll was added to your OP we could show the devs it was the wrong call


I hate how it takes me months to have a great team member to have it nerfed every single time. Maxima is still my favorite creature in the game and I will continue to level her up.


Make no mistake, she will still be an absolute powerhouse and I’m sure most people will hold onto theirs. It’s just that I’m a bit saddened that they snatched away one of our few options against dodge dinos, and IndoG2 specifically.


Nah she isn’t a powerhouse with that nerf

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If they wanted to slightly take it down a peg why not have a definate impact move? As the only consistent counter to the Indo gen 1&2 seems unfair to nerf a tough to gather unique, when we have epics that are easy OP (procera.)


I agree… Give back her definite rampage, and give it a slight HP nerf.


She totally is. She still wins tons of 1v1 matchups. The loss of definite rampage just made her lose her edge against the most broken class of dinos in the meta. She’s still top 10 or maybe 5 with this change.

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This is spot on, give her back that counter for the dodges, Nerf some hp. why Ludia did you have to make such a drastic change, taking something great and destroy it please don’t roll this out or at worst advise us that it will be fixed in 1.12. Looks like dodge rules this game atm. Very sad


exactly. and why does maxima even need decel strike when it’s decel impact lasts for 2 turns and 1 turn cool down