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Maxima world alive

Is there any way to take out the 9k maxima that every player has on their team without loosing a dino? Always feels like the battle actually begins after the maxima is gone… maxima makes me miss the pre-nerf indog2 and even the op yoshi… its like that part of the ski slope where you have to use the poles or unstrap one boot from the snowboard to get to the fun part again

Any render or bleeder makes the tank shiver.
My Thylacotator (currently level 26) eats all Maximas in 2 turns unless they decide to swap.

Just choose what works best with your team and play style.
I use Thyla, some people prefer Suchotator.
I’ve also seen a few Spinotasuchus and an odd Spinonyx here and there.

And these aren’t the only options.


A magna works too, but attack has to be high enough. And go nullifying first and hope the maxi does resilient. After tat distract and rampage, if the maxi don’t swap out.

Grypolyth, Tenrex, Tryko, Thor, Mortem can take out Maxima. Last 2 can be in swap in range after one hit though. Thor has mind games usually due to IC and Max IIT. Tryko needs enough hp to survive 2 hits.

How do i use tenrex against it? First thing it gets slowed and second thing it gets dead. And grypo? I have both of these @29 but probably use them way wrong…

Tenonto will need enough hp to survive a undistracted rampage. As well as beefy attack. Distracting impact first, heal, then rampage.

But your best bet and bleeders and renders.

I’m using base speed Tenrex in arena, so mostly slower than Max anyway. Distracting Impact and DSR result in dead Max. Max can be distracted, so other(one) attack does Strike damage in any case. Only need enough bulk on Tenrex to survive Rampage and Strike. My Tenrex has 7110 hp, 4590 damage on DI and 6120 on Rampage.

Make sure to put speed boosts on mortem cuz maxima eats base mortem up

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So i have too much speed or attack… teno is hp-6120 bite-3079 spd-119

My tryko is probably the same fault too much attack? 6253 / 2917(max) 110

Just had another of those battles… the 9500 max, the 7200 dio, the magna. I really want an emoji that says “i yawn in your general direction, because you, sir, have really unimaginative selection of dinos” It would be super nice if you could only draw one of each category for each pvp, one tank, one speedy, one mixed… etc etc…

Have you considered investing in a thylac? All it needs is a few speed boosts to insure it’s faster than the Maxima’s and like a level 27 one will kill both that max and dio plus it’s good for epic tourneys

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Keep in mind that not everyone is able to have separate teams for raids and for arena.
Many of those tanks (Max and Dio in this example) are used as both raid creature and arena creature because it’s cheaper to put hard earned boosts into dual-purpose dino.

Yes! Its 27… but i live in a no-lion zone so its slow going!

Lion is arena exclusive since patch 2.0.
You will not find it in the wild.

I have the 29 max but as you can see above i reeeeeally dont like it hehe

That’s awesome! At that level you may want to throw like 5 hp boosts on just incase of a max crit and it’ll kill any of them up to like 2000 attack and any hp without any rng every time

Makes sense thanks for the advice! I actually have 5/5/5 boosts to use but might be unlocking cera this week and feel very tempted to use them on that one… but thyla can go to tournaments too… hmm…

Oof yeah that’s a tough choice cera is imo the best dino out there but having a counter for those crazy maxes will be a big help too I’m sure. One option is you can give cera the damage boosts and thyla the health and speed that way thyla is at top performance and cera gets more damage for swap ins and rampages and stuff

Don’t worry, Mortem is speed boosted. Though its one shot wonder against Max, if opponent has a swapper.

Depends what lvl is your Tenrex. Lacks a bit of health though for Trykos and Maximas.

Yes, a bit too low health. Used 6636 health Tryko, before benched it for Lux. Had issues with too low health. Tryko is good for hit and swap in play. Didn’t invest any other boosts in it, except health boosts, thats why benched it.

I might never know the greatness of thyla… i put it in my team and 7 battles later i still havent gotten it even once in the draw… the sadistical jwa matchmaking code has ears everywhere