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Maximas taunting rampage

After 2.1 maxima got over-dramatically nerfed. There is no point of taunting rampage having 2 turn cool down since it has no effect in pvp. If it’s because of the name then fierce rampage should also have a 2 turn cool down as that one does have an effect in pvp.


Let’s please not ask for extra cooldowns on a balanced move such as fierce rampage. Instead let’s ask for the removal of the extra cooldown on TSR
And yes, i agree that maxima got nerfed way past the point of necessity


Feels bad for your Maxima. Was fun to fight with against Mortem.


Yeah, but i believe i’ll be able to get the stats back where they were for the raid
Not sure If the lack of the rampage on the second round will make It Impossible though


Also, there’s no way i’ll remove boosts from anything anyway lol
I refuse to retrive any boosts since i’ll lose half of them


Yet another example of why you shouldn’t ask for nerfs… they always go too far. Maxima looses health, armor, attack, distraction immunity and one turn cool down on it’s best move. I was fine with everything else. But adding the new extra move cool down is where I draw the line.


Yeah, It seems a bit useless to ask for reasonable nerfs If they’re going to do something like that. The only thing i was fine with was the damage nerf, all the other things went too far


I’m saying that because it’s only fair, if maxima has to deal with a cool down because of an extra word in it then so should others. They over did it to the point where ardont is a better choice then maxima

But be honest, do you reaaally want fierce rampage and DSR to have an extra cooldown?
It seems much more reasonable to advocate for the removal of the extra cooldown on TSR

But i agree on one thing, there doesn’t seem to be a point to creating Max with exclusive and hard to get ingredients If it’s not better than the parent. This looks close to a allosino and Thor situation


No I do not, i think it’s very dumb to begin with and that’s why I’m saying they should do the same with fierce. If maxima has to suffer because it’s titled differently than it shouldn’t be the only one.

They should either remove the extra cool down or do the same with others whose move isnt DSR

That’s what I’m saying, even If TSR was nerfed, they shouldn’t nerf the other shattering moves, ever. We should make It clear that we didn’t like how they nerfed maxima and ask for adjustments.


How the Devs look at it - Yup. We should treat Fierce Rampage the same. There goes another poor creature - Magna.


I just wish they would give the boosts back. I had poured a ton of boosts into mine. That’s a pretty major nerf to not reset them.

And I’m like… Please don’t? :rofl:
No more casualties

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Perhaps Ludia is hoping that people will cash in boosts and the have to buy more. I don’t like that her armor was nerfed to zero.

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Me neither. Changing It to 10% would have been enough.
And about the boosts, i refuse to retrieve them. If i use them, they stay there until the next boost reset. Retrieving them is the same as losing half of them so i won’t do that even If my creatures get nerfed.


Hopefully they buff maxima back up so that’s it’s nerf isnt as huge as it is right now. While they’re pleasing a certain group of people who didn’t know how to counter maxima now they’re upsetting the other group for such a nerf.

Yes, the point here is that TSR is basically the same as fierce rampage and DSR. No one thinks those should have a 2 turn cooldown because they’re usually balanced. If a move is balanced on some dinos but not on others, then the problem is with the dino, NOT the move!!! If having a kind of defense shattering rampage on Maxima is too strong, don’t use the attack’s unique taunting ability as an excuse to single out Maxima and Ardonto for a nerf. Instead, re-evaluate what about the creature made a normally balanced move so strong on them. Then go back and fix those attributes. And they already did that with Maxima, a LOT. So Ludia, can we please have a 1 turn cooldown on Taunt Shattering Rampage again?


lol and Magna didn’t even benefit from getting Fierce Rampage anyway :joy:

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