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Maximas taunting rampage

Exactly which was dumb to begin with

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The problem is that maximas health is too high up, but by removing 600-700 they made it a two-three shot creature and that’s not taking into consideration those who don’t plan their team to counter almost anything. I believe the problem wasn’t maximas stats but match making itself, with people facing such boosted high level creatures.


I think boosts had a lot to do with it actually. Don’t forget how literally broken IIT was at first. Maxima was outright busted back then, so if anyone was going to pour all of their boosts into one thing, it was Maxima. So then you had all these hyper-boosted Maximas running around. When they fixed IIT, Maxima became more balanced, though still a bit overturned in a few areas (for example HP and distraction resistance, though 50% probably would have been fine). But because so many people were using their hyper-boosted Maximas, it still looked stronger than it actually was.


True and now because of that maxima got hit hard with nerfs.