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Maximizing Good Trade Offers

So, we all know the apato fossil seems to offer the best trade value for DBs. So the theory has been to keep only those in your market and no other decorations or buildings to try and force the TH to give you fossil to DB (or food, DNA etc.) trades. But most of the players that post about getting lots of trade offers for the fossil this way also get rid of all their creatures and mods so that the TH can’t use those for trades. For those of us that really need to keep these instead of selling them off, the question then is, is there a better strategy?

I’ve been working on finding out if I end up getting more trade offers for structures to DBs if I keep more types of them in my TH. My theory is that the TH looks at the different things it can draw trades from and randomly picks from those, then randomly determines the trade. So if for instance, you don’t have any creatures or mods, you have a very high likelihood of a decoration being picked and with the fossil being the only one, that’s the one it will have to use.

If however you have LOTS of different mods and creatures, and only have that ONE decoration, you have a far lower chance of it being picked for a trade, than if, for instance, you have 4 or 5 types.

So I’ve started to keep not just a bunch of fossils, but at least also Hammond statues, and then either some Arches, or even better, any of the VIP structures (the wildlife preserve seems to be my best performer of these, not counting clock towers, which I would never trade!) So when ever I get a trade of coins for VIP buildings, I take it and use those for trades for DNA, DBs and food.

This definitely has greatly improved my numbers of DB offers every day… the individual amounts I get may not be as good as the fossil gets, but they are reasonably close and it really only takes getting 1 or 2 extra ones that I might not have otherwise gotten to make it worth while doing! Particularly since it can often be days before I see a DB trade for the fossil.

I’m still testing out whether the actual amounts of the structures I have in the market may make a difference… that is, can I improve my chances to have it use the fossil by keeping more, or possibly less, of that in the market than the other choices?

Curious of what anyone else might have observed on this topic.


And just minutes after posting this, got this TH offer…now that’s what I’m talking about!


The question really is then what is the order it picks from for the trade. If Chayna decides for this trade I am going to pic a structure for a trade first then it wouldn’t matter how many different types you have on hand, since it was predetermined that a structure would be the offer. I am not sure the order in which it picks, I don’t think it’s totally random, I could be wrong here for sure since my thought process here is anecdotal / based off of experience.

So the main question is what is the code that decides what will be picked for a trade, does it do the following

  • Randomly select from every individual item in your entire inventory meaning if you have say 100 total structures (regardless of type) 200 total creatures, and 700 total MODs in your inventory you then have a 10% chance it picks a structure and then depending on how many fossils you had in that 100 let’s say 15, then you would have a 15% chance it selects a fossil from the structure category.
  • does it randomly select based on the number of unique types of items in your total market (taking the example from up above) you have 20 types of structures, 50 types of creatures, and 30 types of MODs so you would have a 20% chance it would pick a structure and then a 10% chance it would pick a Fossil from those 10.
  • or does it randomly go through a list of types meaning it has a list set in the code of look for item in list 1, if no item in list 1, look for item in list 2, if no item in list 2, look for item in list 3. Where list 1,2, and 3 are on a predetermined schedule of offers and cycles through so sometimes structures are list 1, sometimes list 2, and sometimes list 3.

So for my market I still have a ton of MODs over 1,000 through about 24 different types of MODs, I have no creatures, and only Fossils about 10-15 at any given point. For math purposes I am going to use 10 fossils and 900 MODs.
If we go with bullet one up above my chance of a fossil even being selected as a trade is 10/1000 so 1% and then a 25% (of that 1%) being for DB if we assume equal weight to DNA, Coin, Food, And DB.

If we go with bullet two I have a 1/25 or 4% chance of a fossil getting picked and then a again a 25% chance of it being offered as DB.

If we go with the third bullet I have somewhere around a 50% chance of a fossil being offered as a trade since my creature list is a null option it will depend on the coding and probability of the list creation of the order of search:
Trade one in the offer goes list 1,2 then 3.
Trade two goes list 3, 2, then 1.
Trade three goes list 2, 1, then 3.
And so on randomly generating the order of the lists but in my case any time it searches list 1 lets say is creatures it gets a null result and moves to the next list since I have none.

For all we know it is some combination of what I have laid out above or possibly not, this is really a theoretical discussion since none of us know the actual code behind the game however I can say that as I limit the stuff in my market bullet three is more akin to how my offers show up as I get lots of offers for my fossils every day lots of coin, lots of food, lots of DNA, and less than a handful of DB offers. If it truly operated like the first or second bullet I would get offers for a fossil about the same amount of times as I land on one of the 1-4% offers on the spins which is just not the case.


Like you said, we really don’t know…these are fairly simplistic ways to do the trades, but there certainly could be more complexity to the system that is not easily determined without lots of tracking of the stats and results. I think we can definitely say #1 is not what it does. But what I experience seems to be more a combination of the other two. There could for instance, be more of a rotating probability wheel where the type of trade you get changes the chances of what your next one will be. It certainly does seem to cycle through the types of offers in some way… but it’s not completely unheard of to get the same type of offer twice in a row, so there’s definitely more to it than just a simple rotation of offer types. I do notice that when I have more types of structures, I seem to get more offers for them in general than when I just have the single type…not just the DB ones although those are most noticeable for their rarity. There also seems to be a much higher chance to GET a DB offer with some types vs. others. I’ve noticed that not all the VIP structures seem to do as well, even though their coin production is the same.

I do wonder as well if the trade offers you take adjust the algorithm in some way. It certainly does seem like you will tend to get very similar offers to the ones you accept in the next few batches. This doesn’t seem to work for DB offers but like my recent experience with the coins for food that just kept coming, or the LPs for the deer cat hybrid that I got 3 of in fairly quick succession.

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I’ve been keeping only apatosaurus fossils in my inventory up until Monday when it was announced the tournament was gigantophis and required mods. I bought 80 of them Monday and maybe 70 yesterday.

All I’ve gotten in the trade harbor is mods for trades. And I mean awful ones. Like 4 legendary mods for 60 DBs kind of awful. Before, I was averaging at least 1,000+ DBs per day when I was keeping just the fossils.

It makes more sense economically (to me) to just buy mods when you need them and get rid of the rest. The DBs are far more valuable than everything else, not to mention the thousands of DNA I was getting a day, and millions of coins and food.

Now the creatures I can understand holding on to if they are valuable and great in battle. But I definitely recommending dumping everything else. I mean I bought well over 100 mods in two days and that hit to my resources would only take a week or so to recover with just fossils in my inventory… just food for thought.

There’s no question that getting mods and creatures out of your inventory is the BEST way to improve trades. But if you aren’t an end game player, that just isn’t always feasible. Just the amount of mods you’ve purchased tells me your coin production is VASTLY better than where mine is, not having played for even a full year yet. For me the risk of missing out on a tournament unlock I still need (like this one!) is not worth it to increase my DB production at this time. I also do modded PvPs every day to try and earn the better rewards like sDNA because I don’t already have a ton of the various super hybrids. Only just recently managed to get my 3rd monostego which was a lot of work to achieve! Likewise I NEED most of what’s in my market… I do sometimes take trades for ones that I don’t particularly need right now if it’s a good offer (mostly legendaries that I am earning faster than I’ll ever hatch) but the reality is just that I’m not going to be able to clean it out for some time. It’s kind of that catch 22 … because I don’t get a lot of DB offers I can’t speed up my hatchery as much and clear out my backlog, but because I have those in my market, I can’t GET the DB offers to speed it up.

So I’m trying to determine strategies that improve your offers if keeping an empty market just is not something that works for where you are in the game.

Here’s one of the other VIP buildings as a comparison. Routinely does worse than the preserve for same stats and I think slightly less space requirement.

The DB offers are based off the “Value” the game assigns for the Structure. If you check how much you can straight sell a structure for that is what will determine the range of the offer you are given. The fossil has the highest straight sell offer amount, aside from clock towers. Has nothing to do with what the structure will do from a production metric.

I get that but I just never have understand WHY the selling value is often so different for structures that produce the same amount of coins. It just seems rather arbitrary. The selling value on dinos makes much more sense.

I have had pretty good trade offers for Tar Pits when I’ve had them in my inventory. Not as good as Apatosaurus fossils but still quite a few bucks.

I try to keep quite a few Apatosaurus fossils in my inventory to increase the amount of offers I receive for them as I am using them to level up more quickly anyway.

I have reduced my mods dramatically and have no creatures to hatch. I typically have 20-30 AFs in my inventory. I only get a DB for AF offer once in a while, but I get tons for ~1mil food, which helps.

When I have multiple valuable decorations or buildings in inventory from prize drips and packs, I get a noticeable increase in DB offers for them.


I have tons of mods but get very rare offers to trade them.
No buildings, some VIP decorations and always one Apatosaurus fossil in my inventory.
70 dinos to hatch and I’m still hoping to clear that list in the near future.
Most trade offers are for food and DNA, offers for bucks only from time to time but if they appear it could be three in a row.