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Maximizing the DNA hatching discounts

This is probably hidden in discussions somewhere in the forums but I couldn’t find it.

During the hot discount times its hard to game more than a handful of dinos hatched to take advantage of the discount, at least not without depleting your dino bucks.

I found that a good tip for increasing the number of dinos you get the DNA discount on is by filling out at least he first slot in your hatchery then attempting to hatch a dino and cancelling when you get asked to pay dino bucks to open the next hatching pod. If you have them all full, you just get asked to manage your hatchery, but it also works.

This will “purchase” the dino for the discounted DNA amount and leave it in your market. You can then hatch it at your leisure.

This trick will only allow you to purchase one dino of each type but usually that will save you a bit of extra DNA if you select a few dinos. Conveniently, hybrid dinos take much less to hatch but are expensive on DNA so these are the best ones to choose to take advantage and not clog up your market.

Most long time players have all four slots busy all the time. What you described is their bread and butter strategy.
Nevertheless it is a good idea to mention it for those who do not already know that this is possible.


If you are hatching short running dinos you’ll get too soon, sure.

Otherwise, I would suggest keeping your market free of dinos for better trades.

I bought a Gorgosuchus (42K DNA) on discount to save 4K DNA. I planned to hatch it the next more in the speed up discount window.

In that time, I got 2 DNA offers for it, 1 DB and 1 LP offer. That is 4 offers for fossils I didn’t get to take.

I feel that wasn’t worth saving the 4K DNA.


I am thinking the same way as @Timmah. Your goal is to save Dinobucks and not instant hatch the Dinos you bought. But if you leave the creatures in the market you will maybe loose valuable trades for Dinobucks.

I guess this is a more useful for beginners or mid level players (level 50-65ish) who haven’t been able to clear their market anyway and who are only dealing with smaller dinos and value the DNA much more.

Does this means that higher level players tend to skip some events if they can’t hatch the dinosaurs quickly?

I don’t think we skip any events for that reason.
I hatch all dinosaurs that are not legendary instantly, others sell them as soon as possible.
I personally try not to sell dinosaurs, I’m not so determined to keep my market clear all the time. At the moment I have three legendary hybrids waiting in my market.
My personal opinion is that the effect of a clear market and zero mods on my offers in the trade harbour is not so huge that it is worth the effort. But I know that I am most probably very unique having this position. I simply do not like to focus all my gameplan on maximum bucks income.

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Being a long time 90 level player, Yes , I do skip some of the events for COT mostly on Friday and Saturday. Apart from these 2 days of the week (considering tournament is with Jurassic creatures), I generally do all the events until I complete COT, which I generally finishes in 14 - 15 days.
Also note, I have almost all the creatures unlocked which they are offering in these weekly matches.
My basic focus is now to increase bench strength, while not increasing ferocity of my top 3 creatures. I have multiple copies of legendaries 40 of many Jurassic creatures.

I’ve only recently been trying to lower the number of creatures in my Market. For much of my time in this game, I’ve not only been a member of the 999+ Club, but also the President. Mass tradeoffs of my Commons and Rares for Dinobucks has lowered my numbers but it’s still high. They do provide good trade bait. I’d like to get the Tournament Legendary creatures out of the Market, but that’s not going to happen in the near future. I rarely get trade offers for my Mods. Mostly it’s trying to get me to trade resources for coins.

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I cleared my Market and got 5 Fossil for DB offers,you should actually clear your market.

No I don’t skip any events.

I may do all but the last battle of the event right away in the morning. Than when a dino hatches (for whichever chamber the event prize fits), complete the last battle and put that dino in the hatchery right away.

Late game players (1+ year) may skip events due to dino cool downs that are 1-3 days. They don’t want to tie up dinos for events they don’t need. (Why unlock a dino they already have unlocked, don’t need and put dinos 10x times better on cool down for it?)

That is why late game players NEED such large DB reserves, so they can buy back needed dinos from cool downs that are really long.

I have two ways I build my dino bench.

  1. By ferocity (have a large top group). I want a lot of dinos so I can complete all of the events in one sitting
  2. By cool down. Cool down is determined by the dino’s health, rarity and level. My meat shields I try to group their cool down with my top dinos. This is due to tournaments. I battle once ever 7 hours. My jurassic bench is getting pretty deep and will be ready to level up soon. I think I’m looking at upping to a 10hour cool down (so twice a day for tournaments over 3 times a day). Right now, I win 50-60% of battle. I expect that number to climb a bit when I make this jump. I’m just not ready to do it yet as I’m focusing on Aqua and Ceno as both of them are sorely neglected and would struggle to make Predator in a Tournament.

I consider my self a mid to late game player, I complete all of the events except maybe Claim your Territory. Any Super Rare or lower will get insta hatched unless it is the last one to go in for which it just goes into the first slot until another one needs to go in. Standard legendaries will go into a slot if one is open or it will get traded on the first trade offered that is not coins. Tournament creatures will go into the cheapest slot (I will speed up the cheapest of slots 2-4 to make room).

And I consider my self a mid game player because I have very few creatures with more than a 24-26 hour cool down where when you get to having 2-5 day cool downs when you get into the upper ranges lvl30-40 of the larger tournament Hybrids I consider a late game player.

If I want to continue to complete most of the events that means my bench at the upper end needs to have multiple teams so that when I do start to raise the level (and with it the cool downs) I will still be able to complete the events even though the team I used yesterday or the day before, or possibly the day before that is not ready to come off cool down and won’t be needed.