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Maximum amount of daily battle incubators you can save


I have recently noticed that you still earn the kills for following daily battle incubators even if you have not collected the previous one. I’m wondering how many incubators you could save up this way e.g. to complete that pesky open incubators mission once it gets to ridiculous amounts.


I don’t think what you intend is possible. Once the daily tasks restart at 6 am (at least that’s the time for me) you will lose not collected rewards, everything resets. This is only not true if you leave the app open at the time of reset. But it only duplicates the task entries which rewards you can collect, I don’t think they count for the new day.

Since we have 4 slots, we can only save 4 incubators.


Well I got four battle incubators after some days of not battling.


I know one daily one for sure can be saved as once I have met my mission for the day I save it. I usually save 6 to open just after midnight, reset for me. The daily one, the four battle ones and the free one.

The daily one you can usually get one per day. If you don’t do it on one day it adds to the next. You’ll notice this at the end of the tournaments if you stop battling the last day or 2. I usually keep 8, 12 and 24 hour incubators to run at the end of the tournament. Then when I start battling again I can do 2 or 3 daily incubators in one day as they accumulated.


I think what the OP is asking is what is the max victory tokens can you save up before you need to collect the daily incubator. I don’t know, I’ve always collected it the moment I was able to. The max I’ve had at any one time is 12.


OK, now. Sorry, I got it wrong the first time. Unfortunately, I don’t know. The maximum I opened was four in a row.


I’m thinking 4’ish. I’ve stopped battling once for many days and then went on a killing spree and i think i opened 4 dailies in a row before the time limit showed up.


4 seems to be right thanks guys