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Maximum Attempts Reached! What the?!


I have been prevented from catching anymore “Epic” dinos. What’s that about?!


Are u out of darts?


You only get that message from the SE (special event) dinos. The SE dinos under the green supply drops have a limited number available, and you have reached that number.


The special event dino’s are not EPIC today…

How many EPIC’s have you caught in the last 24 hours?

Can you post a screen shot of it?


Yes sir, I know. But that is the only time I have ever seen that message in game. Especially when it refers to “attempts”. I just assumed that the OP ment rares and not epics.

If this is legit, and there is now a cap on epics then this game is done, lol.

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Maybe its a measure for spoofers.They analyzed the data of previous months and decided a max number a legit player can do.


That’s actually a good idea lol. Well as long as its a reasonable number. I’m active as hell and ride a motorcycle in nice weather.

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Adding a tactical dot out of curiosity to how this progresses. .


I hope this isn’t their way to combat spoofers. Cap the number of EPICS you can catch in a day. One would assume that would mean they are still going to allow them to play but just not catch as many which doesn’t solve the problem. If this is what the message is for.

@ToofBo Can you post a screen print of the message?

Account joined 2 hours ago…


Im not sure this is true anyway. If Ludia did this it would effect players wanting to purchase epic scents as well. We all know they are alllllll about that $.


Maybe when a player complains that they were limited to 50 Epics in a day that Ludia can mark them as a potential spoofer? Then when they reach the limit of 50 Epics for the next 10 days they will go on double secret probabtion and given a warning?


What is the limit? I never see epics anyway, maybe a couple per week, so I’ll never reach this limit whether real or imagined.


Screen shot OP?


Sorry guys I am waiting for an “Epic” to come into my area. The message is still Showing.