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Maximum cap fault


i have noticed since the update that i am always at maximum cap. it took over 24 hours to reset my scent capsule limit. i got one from spinning a stop and it says i am maxed again. the same with fighting in the arena. i did my first 10 wins, collected my incubator. now it says im capped and have to wait 15 hours.
it also happened with my DNA requests. i didnt even get a chance to request any today and it timed down then went right back to 24 hours.


Well to address the scent caps first. U get one per day from each colored stop (1 from orange, 1 from green), but ur bag space is 2 free ones. So make sure u have space or u wont get credited the new scent

2nd about daily incubators. They are just that. Daily. U can only open one per day. Thats why ur on a timer. Note: (these are stackabale if u go a few days without battling)

Lastly about donations. You get a request and it goes for 3 hours of collecting time. Even if it fills early u have to wait the 3 hours until u can request again. Ur next request u will see the big time cooldown that ur seeing.

Hope that clears some stuff up


regarding the scent capsules. I had none. the daily limit reset. I received one and then i was capped again.

regarding the donations. the night before i had quite a large cool down due to daily limit. I waited until it reset, then it went right back up again without allowing me to even send a request


The daily cap for scents is 1


U get 1 from each color tho. It can say limit reached 1/1 on an orange stop, dossnt mean ur capped on ur 1/1 from a green stop