Maximum Cumulative DNA

I know this has been covered but some of the old threads are incorrect anyway. So, what is the maximum amount of DNA that can be collected - not what shows on your creature screen. I know some of them.

Common 500,000
Rare 200,000
Epic ?
Legendary ?
Hybrid ?

For hybrids you can’t get more fuses after you reach the level up requirement so you have to dart them to get more dna. But from fusing, the most you can get is 90 more than the level up requirement. (10 less and then fuse to get 100)

that’s not entirely true. if player lv 17+ multifuse allows you go go over that level up cap without leveling up the dino.

Right but I just meant if you fuse once at a time. If you have multi fusion unlocked then you can get pretty much any amount of dna.(stocks up on ornitho and procera to multi fuse 100 times on Yoshi :scream:)

I can fuse Hybrids. I just want to know how high I can go.

Epic DNA is 50k (double the visible cap)
Legendary I am not sure of. But 10k is the visible cap. So by following what’s above(common rare epic) im guessing 20k is max.
Unique from what I remember it is 7.5k

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