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Maximum darts

Recently I sent an email with suggestions for the darts limitations. I believe 140 darts max is too little for us that play hard darting any dino in front of us.

Either expand the dart quiver to at least 1000 max or start selling them again 100 coins per 350 darts as before…I believe that using 10 dollars to buy 350 darts is too expensive.

What do you think about this idea?


It worked perfectly fine before. Fire those darts and spin those supply drops.

For us that can’t waste gas driving for grinding it would be nice to help in any other way…

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I stocked up over the past year. Almost broke 500,000. They’ll last me for a little while. :grin:

I’m not that lucky

I didn’t think they would be removed. I think a coin to darts sale once or twice a month would be good


Although it wasn’t an issue for me before, I did always think a 140 limit was silly.

I mean why is there a need for a limit to begin with? What does a limit prevent? People still gotta go out if they want to collect loads anyway.

At the very least you should be able to purchase expansions for your darts and scents, similar to what PoGo has.

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Agree, we need more darts. Not having them make us sometimes close the game. They can be available at the store but cheaper. You could add more to the supply boxes, you could add some on pvp (jcj) battles.

I had accumulated 400K darts. All were gone since I am a serious player. Now I have to deal with this miserable 140 dart limit. Constantly running out of darts - very very bad experiences.

Yes, please increase the limit of dart inventory. There is no point to set the upper limit to such a low amount.

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Indeed. Still agree with all about this

Ludia, please listen to this. 140 maximum is rediculous

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Absolutely. 140 darts is way too low and going around spinning drops while using a giga scent is not always possible. If you dart at home with a giga scent, darts will be very limited especially If your location is unlucky with the amount of drops. There’s no reason for the limit to be that low. 1000 would be great. Not to mention, having more darts available would probably make buying scents more attractive to players. People do buy those, but most will die before they buy darts. Having a higher dart limit is a better deal for everyone.


Like the title says! Having a cap of 140 darts is ridiculous. Theres no cap on coins or cash collection, there should not be one on darts. Its that simple. The cap is very frustrating as i open supply drops and watch my coin and cash total go up but not the darts. The way it is they make you shoot a few, collect, repeat and its just annoying. The only way to go above the 140 cap is to buy them in the marketplace which is just wrong. If someone drives me around and i open up 150 supply drops, i should be able to keep or have all the darts too… which would be somewhere in the range of 1000 to 2000 darts… so on a rainy day if i want to sit around and dart a giga scent without any 15 minutes supply drop delays, i should be able to do that. Please fix this! Its LONG OVERDUE that the cap has not been removed.


If you can find a way to get over the cap, you can collect as many darts as you want

Can you explain me this @Quetzor ?
Sounds interesting but can’t catch it.

You had to have the cheap dart thing and then buy it to get over the cap. As long as you didn’t dip below it again, you could keep collecting.

So, will any Ludia rep ever respond to this issue? I have encountered the 0 dart issue multiple times already. Super annoying.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the cheap dart thing.

Ludia, any feedback for this? Encountered X0 issues several times already. Very annoying.