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Maximum DNA you can collect


Does this mean the maximum DNA you can store for a rare is 50k, or is it still adding on in the background, but it only displays 50k? TIA guys :slight_smile:

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Any purchased DNA will add to your Max. That’s when you get the +sign. But anything darted will not. Also the alliance rewards for the challenges add to your Max as well. Congrats on the DNA collection. Yes Max for rare is 50k. Epic is 20k. Legendary is 5k. DK uniques yet


Thank you :blush:

I saw you were typing and thought “ahh you’ll know” :smile:


And thanks :slight_smile: many many many months of hitting everything hopefully will pay off

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They look alittle low level to be part of the research team :wink:


God that’s a lot




IKR? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Lol I KNEW you’d say something about them not being over-levelled!!! :joy::joy::joy: I knew it!!

I even almost put in a p.s. @Alex_Dhir look at the levels - are you proud of me?? :grin: ha!

Yea… my habit for over-levelling dinos probably explains why these are the only creatures to be maxed as they are not :sweat_smile: jeez



Haha very jealous of that 50k erliko dna. Cant wait for its hybrid (if ever). Was shocked when I saw a sensible L15!! Very proud.



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Laughing so much… but remember now… that Erli G2 is all there for alliance donations seeing as I still see her everywhere so…

Roll up roll up!

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Hahaa il keep that in mind! Im after the raptor DNA so I can catch you up on the erlidom front!


L1 life here. This is how I found out that you can only have 50,000 rare DNA. These are my only two maxed-out ones, as I’m just not interested in racking up 200,000 L1 common DNA.

Conveniently, right after I got the max on Megalosaurus an alliance member suggested that we post dinos we have excess DNA of so people can request it. I always donate the max on these, then dart another one to bring it back to 50,000 just because.


I’ve mentioned in other threads that my area is full of Utahraptor. Here’s proof. She just reached 50,000 a few minutes ago.


I wish they would make these more viable, at least within its own class.

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Maxing out on Diplocaulus (as sad as it is) might be affecting my motivation to play even more than the event shenanigans. The immediate 60% nerf to night spawns is a hard pill to swallow.


So, this is that thread?

Where folks with more coins than brains come to post their over-leveled useless dino?

For folks who will dart anything and dump resources into it because they are not smart enough to know better?

Is that what this thread is about???


Can I join in? We need to stick together on this, most folks will just laugh at us and call us names, but we know we are better than that.

Utah is low in this one due to requests, it will be back up by tonight… I hope. It can’t make the lineup unless it is at full strength!

The local pests are the easy ones. level 20 is max for a future hybrid, so… a few stop there.

Some experiments do go wrong. A nunda at any level is as worthless as you would think it is.

Yeah, another one that looked much better on paper than in the Arena. These are pretty sad to post, so I’ll stop with this one.

Some projects are better than others… Until the nerf hammer hits!! Less than 10k to go before I am forced to hit the button for 30!

I think that is about all the pictures most folks can stomach.


Enough, already … please stop :sob:

The sad thing is a remember at least two events where I spent hours and hours grinding 48 of the little son-of-a- …

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Then they nerfed monomin and the galli dna just rolled in after that. Funny how that works… And yet people still defend Ludia. Make a hybrid useless, spam its components in all incs.