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Maximum level 18 epic dna

If I get really lucky on Saturday what is the most Monoplasaurus I can get in one darting session?

I am level 18

I am getting better at this thanx to listening to great music while I dart vs the game music!

I get excellent allot now

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i believe you get 22-23 as your max per epic. most darts you can fire is about 16 i think. so like 368 or so

I get 23 at level 18

I think they cap it at a certain amount for epics. I’m a level 18 with vip, still had time left on the dino and was no where near to escaping. Max cap is 240? :thinking:


Well I’m 16 and the most I’ve managed is 193 on a mono, so in my head I’ll be happy with over 900 from all 6 attempts.

it used to be capped. i think they uncapped it after the pterosaur update or a little after that because i’ve gotten over 240.

huh that’s odd, I’ll try again later and see if i’m lucky to pass 240.

Mine always escapes after I’ve managed to get in 6 direct hits

I could use that 240 Sino!

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What are you guys using? Machine guns? When I say I’m getting excellent all the time it is on common and rare! The max I have gotten on an epic is like 180!

I might be able to bust the 200 level now but it’s tough

I guess it depends on how the Monoplasaurus moves!

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That thing sprints :rofl:

Definitely took a risk yesterday. I found a sino with 2% phone battery left near Savemart. I’m a few minutes away from home, and I took a gamble and ran another app to record the darting. No machine guns just quick fingers haha. To get good practice for the mono, I’d say to practice darting dilos. Very similar in structure and meat wise from top view. They are a tad bit faster than the commons monos or dilo gen 2. They like to run in a straight line, so practice timing from head body to tail.

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you’d think mono is hard. i remember the last one i got like 226. it’s tiny and fast but kind of easy for whatever reason. t-rex and spino gen 2 are nightmares to dart. at least for me because they move very erratically and the target moves far (like head to tail) between darts. mono is kinda like darting a faster v-raptor.

There’s literally nothing that’s as difficult to dart as a nodopatosaurus.


You are right! Trex, spino gen 2, nodopato, and brachiosaurus are by far the hardest to dart. If you can get over 200 on any of those, you are a wizard. Every other epic is possible to get over 200 if you get a good run.

It’s still capped.

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It’s not :+1:

I have a freind who has an infinite battery life hack, it is. It caps at the amount of dna from 15 direct hits.

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it caps his DNA. probably because he’s hacking or using a modded APK and they can tell :dizzy_face:

Then why isn’t he banned?