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Maximum lvl user cap increase


I think that many players are reaching the maximum lvl user cap, and it’s like a divided situation of feellings because yeeei we are getting de max lvl, but that is and i’m aware that there other goals like lvl up de dinos, getting all the dinos and so, but in user meaning that is all and my suggestions are:

  1. increase the maximum lvl cap and so keeping the benefits of the max darting

  2. maintain the 20 lvl but add something like a plus lvl. Then make a system of experience only for plus lvl different than the normal system of the leveling dinos, and so new missions, and new forms to get that experience


I’m sure that the level cap will increase but bear in mind the game has only been out around seven months. I’d give it till at least the one year anniversary to see whether the levels do go up. Although I’d rather the dinosaurs stayed capped at 30 so that once we get them to the max we can focus on leveling other ones.


yeah lvl up the dinos it’s a essential part of the game, but it’s related in a way to the lvl of the user, at more lvl more dna


many will quit this game, if the cap level is raised…

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why do you think that?


unless u have so much time, money, and energy to upgrade extra 5-10 level…

family, job, health, money, game just need to strike a balance…

playing lvl 30 unique, takes me 5 hours a day to achieve for a few months…playing lvl 40 i would live like a robot


but i’m talking lvl user, not dino lvl


u need to clarify your topic…since seldom talk about user lvl only dino levels are discussed


if you read the topic i speak about the user lvl, but yeah i clarified in the main title, thanks :wink:

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If they increase Dino Max level It would be whale-to-play only XD

I Hope that if Ludia does this, they SHOULD (Maybe not cus its Ludia) reduce some level coin costs

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I’ve been a 20 for awhile and would like to see something change for sure. The only downfall is market prices increase with each level, but that doesn’t affect those that don’t purchase. I fell for all the level up offers because I needed the coins and cash anyway and it seemed like a better deal. As my grandpa would say “even an old dog likes to be thrown a bone every once in awhile”.

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