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Maxing Erlidomimus from level 23 to 30


Am I getting my math right?

From level 23 to level 30, it requires 200+250+300+350+400+500+750=2750 Erlidomimus DNA

Assuming an average of about 20 DNA per fusion, that’s 137.5 fusions, or let’s be a little bit generous and say 120.

Each fusion requires 200 Erlikosaurus DNA. 120 fusions means 24,000 Erliko DNA. That’s a lot of golden chicken DNA!!

Now, a certain well known player of this game posted the below screenshot showing their Erlidomimus about 10 days ago:

Said player today has the Erlidom at level 30.

Now this player might or might not have won the last tournament which could have given them 5000 Erliko DNA. There was also a 9-attempt event for Erliko. With perfect darting skill that’s another 3375 DNA.

How does one get an extra 15k+ of Erliko DNA in 10 days when the dino is “practically impossible to find” around where they live?


He might have a lot of money? I know you can get 1 to 2 erlikos in l3 using an epic scent. Do that 30 times and your laughing. £200 is not much to spend if your addicted. Plus last week epic spawns where off the rails. I found 3 in 1 day which is unusual


i hate erli dnas, they are flooding everywhere…together with sino dnas (wasted my tons of epic scents last month)

hope ludia will make another unique out of it…

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It’s doable with epic scents in Erli local.


Yup… Even i myself used 30-40 epic scents in a week, months ago. for my lvl 30 allosino. yeaaa… sounds crazy. please dont do maths on how much $$ ive wasted😂


How many sino did you get? Did you hunt at night?

  1. You have absolutely no idea of what an absolute beast hunter this “well known player” is. He is in a class of only a rare few in this game.
  2. Post 1.6 update the availability of erlik increased dramatically for everyone. Check your local L3 and see.
  3. Maybe if you spent the hours needed each day there running epic scents instead of creating an account today solely (it would appear) to post this you might have a level 30 erlidominus as well.
  4. Congratulations again “well known player”- you are phenomenal!

yea. not all night, but mostly at night. with intention, at night can eliminate kentro. average 2-3 sino in 1x scent i think. cant remember.
…also regrets becaus not creating thor that time😭, so just with objective to finish my allison all the way to 30. and i did it😋


Oooo man i feel your pain. I hope you made top 100 every tourney to get back some extra scents for thor! Sounds like you deserve it.

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hey… im top 50 all this while already, in all previous tourney :expressionless:, forget about 100
just that never top 10😢

…and dont look for “neodejavu” in leaderboard, you wont find😑
my in-game id is “DrNizam”, can see my team there

Nway thanks😍. am levelling thor now anyway. Trying to make father and son both lvl 30 in team soon, if i can make it😖


@WhistleBlower Nice account, joined 1 hour ago to accuse the guy @Marktheshark who won the tournament of basically cheating which he is against if you would have spent a minute reading through his previous posts.

There are lots of players with level 30 Erli now. The suspicious ones are the ones that had a level 30 after playing just a few months.


not a few months…=>but a few weeks


So you are insinuating he is cheating after his entire alliance have been the biggest advocates against it?

Not cool…

This thread seems to be made for no other purpose then to inflame the board and stir the pot.

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They sold high end incs all last week that had Erlik DNA as a part of them.


Just because someone says they are against it doesnt mean they dont do it. That is not an arguement.

I have known people to say they are against cheating on their wives or husbands but were having full blown relationships with someone other than their partners which is also known as cheating. If people can do that in real life then im sure it is easier to cheat on a game which has far less consequences


The $70 one didn’t even have the limit of purchases like the event incubators normally do.


Those incubators they were selling last week contained Erlikosaurus DNA as well. Whales can do stuff like that. Doesn’t mean they are cheating. Go examine the tainosaur alliance if you’re hell-bent on “exposing” somebody. That group has entire teams going up to level 30 in a matter of days.

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I bought one of those special incubators but it only gave a couple hundreds of Erliko and Sino DNA…


Yea, thats is another different topic but intresting to talk about.

Extra info, That Lunar event also the first ever history in JWA where players can buy as many special incub you want, unlimited😱. even chritsmas, new year and black friday not like that before… (nice new try ludia)

so not only erli. if got player with lvl 30 darwin unique also look like i wont shock anymore now🤦🏻‍♂️


They did but I doubt that is how he would have achieved it. Those were like 80 bucks and gave, on average around 300 erlik dna, since 1/3rd would have no erlik. Using the entire amount of won hard cash on epic scent capsules probably would have yielded much better results for a lot less investment. So maybe two or three of those incubators but it would be around 4k to do it entirely with incubators. Every time I’ve used scent capsules in erlik zone I’ve gotten one (my sample size of 4 is not a great baseline though) and good darting can get a lot of erlik dna per encounter.

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