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Maxiumum Damage Possible

Indoraptor max level (5302 attack)+Predation+Inspire+Inspire (opponent)

Any Herbivore+Clone+Inspire+Inspire

5302x2.5x1.4x1.4x1.4x1.4x20 =

1,018,408.16 damage / 1,018,408 rounded


  1. Opponent has Indoraptor level 40 with Predation on your herbivore. 5302 damage turns to 13255. The two other creatures all have Inspire. 25979.8, rounds to 25980 (game actually uses the exact value but the damage number shows up rounded).
  2. Herbivore in 1st slot with Clone. Clone 25979.8 attack, other 2 dinosaurs also have inspire, this brings the damage up to 50,920.408.
  3. 8 attack, 1,018,408.16 damage

I know,mods can be insane,I ran a Alpha and Invigorate and used 3 Triceratops in Modded PvP. I faced 2 Tuajiangosaurus and 1 Alanqa with common mods.

Would it be higher of an attack if you did 9 from the killer instinct mod? I thought someone said there was a possibility to sneak in 9. I wonder if there’s even a multiplier for it.

I believe it greys out at eight there by forcing you to put any additional action points in either reserve or block.

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I thought I saw someone post if you use all 8 before it adds your extra 1 that you could sneak it in. Maybe I was wrong. I’m tempted to try it just for fun.

The maximum is 8. However I’ve found a way to “waste” turns and technically get more than 4 reserves. When you reserve for 4, the reserve button grays out. If you double click on your dino icon, the reserve button will turn yellow again. If you click that, it uses up an action point but the reserve still stays as 4. You could have 8 but only go for 4 reserves and nothing else with this bug.

It should use up the action point but still remain at 8 if Ludia set a limit.