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Maxxed Maeves buffalords

Support says it is possible to have maxxed maeves buffalords.
Looking at the math you would need close to 400 keys per day to do this as it takes 24,000 alpha keys with only level 10 chests. Dragon was released in late July. I think support needs to take another look. Especially as there are multiple maxxed maeves buffalords showing up In arena.


It possible when they just input them in the game for their bots to use

I think it’s just crazy but they’re very focused to max it out so fast like it’s the best dragon in the game :joy:. I’m only 930/1000 just to get my first one.


Ludia said it is real players

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would need to clan hop and be top hitter in 2-3 alliances a day, while only claiming 10* chests.
It would be beyond difficult, let alone multiple people doing it


6 hits and 135 keys, looking at 195 keys a day, plus 30 more on buy energy days. How many keys does a 10 star chest need and how many trust points does it give?

400 keys 50 tp

It is impossible to have a fully maxed Maeve’s Buffalord at this time without taking advantage of an exploit.

Update 1.6 July 25th, 2019 - Maeve’s Buffalord added to Alpha chest
Update 1.7 Sept. 24th 2019 - fully maxed Maeve’s Buffalord seen in Arena

60 days have gone by from the introduction of Maeve’s Buffalord until a fully maxed dragon was spotted

A maxed 5-star Maeve’s Buffalord requires 3000 trust points
A level 10 Alpha chest contains 50 trust points
Therefore, 60 Level 10 Alpha chests would need to be opened
This means a Level 10 Alpha chest was opened every day since the dragon was released

A Lvl 10 Alpha Chest requires 400 keys to open
60 chest * 400 keys/chest = 24,000 keys needed

60 days * 24 hours / day * 1 energy / 4 hours * 10 keys / 1 energy = 3,600 keys
135 bonus keys / day * 60 days = 8,100 keys (assuming #1 spot defeating level 10 Alpha every day for 60 days)
The absolute possible best case scenario is a total of 11,700 keys

This means 24,000 - 11,700 = 12,300 keys is unaccounted

Purchasing Alpha bonus energy would not be enough to satisfy the amount

The only way these players were able to obtain enough keys is by clan hopping in private clans to defeat multiple Alphas on a daily basis.


And even hoping seems unlikely to impossible and a lot of work for this dragon and likely would have left the players worse off than fig6hihger alphas.

Also it has been brought uphat people have been able to exceed the 3 clans in 24hr limit by joining private clans. This was not intended per ludia discussions of the clan limit and wasn’t possible at clan launch and is something that should be looked at

Do you get keys from multiple clans? I’ve never tried it, but the interface looks like you’d only get them from the most recent defeated alpha

There are some people doing clan jumping, meaning as soon as you get an Alpha you can‘t defeat, you‘ll jump into low level clans, defeat Alpha there with a strong hit, grab the bonus keys, jump into different clan again until your chest is ready to collect or you run out of jumps (luckily Ludia capped that), then you jump back into your real clan to collect the chest and keep it at level 10, since only the history of your current clan is used for figuring out your chest level.
I think it‘s really unfair for those low level clans and I still doubt that it‘s possible to get two dupes by that behavior, but at least it allows you to collect much more keys than mentioned in here.


Continuing the discussion from Maxxed Maeves buffalords:

I think these are fake accounts, because I have enemies with strange names that are translated into German. But so strange that the German sounds like when a Chinese speaks German. and the list is full of such weird names. that’s not the name of a player.

These are bots, just as mentioned by Ludia, because we don‘t have a huge playerbase in TU. And the English version of bot names works pretty well, they only messed up for us Germans and who knows what other languages that have more than one grammatical gender.
Bots have Buffalords, too, but they‘re not the ones mentioned in here since they won‘t show up in the ranking list of actual players. And you can find some people with maxed Buffalords in there that are no bots.