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May 17-23 Event Calender


awesome. compy master. the epics aren’t horrible either.

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Good week

Common: Allosaurus
Rare Trex Gen 2
Epic: Allo gen 2 or Baryonyx

Edit: Only allo gen 2

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Acrocantho. Nothing else.

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Commons. Idk
Rares. Rex and dime
Epics. All of em
Once again like this past week, most exciting thing for me is the master lvl strike lol


Commons: whatever I find
Rares: trex and dime
Epic: allo gen2 and acro


Yes they are, honestly

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Matter of opinion. I need more allo g2 and acro so this is a decent week for me.


Acro is currently in the weekly rewards but either way my lads are eating good this week


Ehh, not the worst week we’ve had. :slightly_smiling_face:

very hyped for the Compy Incubator though! :grin:

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For me, all I see that’s good (again for me) is Rex g2, dimetroodon, compy incubator. Hope that that tower isn’t broken.

Common: Allosaurus
Rare: trex gen 2 and andrewasuchus
Epic: baryonyx because ran out of dna to level up tryos

sarco allo tyrannosaur andrew allo gen2 bary

No birthday week why everyone choose yes why not

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