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May 4th to 10th: Africa & oceania

Whohooo more Alanqa… Finally… I’m so excited… Not


The strike event’s are only lockdown?

Yes. Diplodocus, Gryposuchus and Darwinopterus


Eucladoceras strike, yay.

The Grypo dna will be a god send. Spino and kentro are both decent this week

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that master strike is the new deer. that’s nice. and we may get gryposuchus out of those lockdown incs.


Any Purussaurus?

  • Common: Sarcosuchus, Lythronax, Purussaurus Gen2, Dimorphodon
  • Rare: Scaphognathus, Megalosaurus, Purussaurus
  • Epic: Diplodocus, Darwinopterus, Gryposuchus

Spino and Kentro will come in handy… :dragon_face:

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It’s written 3 different theme’s for the strike event’s, that why I ask, even if the logo of it it’s lockdown.

Oceana and Africa are 1.

The and symbol shows that. They only separate themes with the word

I’m glad theres diplo amd grypo but I was kinda hoping for rixis. But it’s fine I guess since it’s easy to make

I’m glad theres kentro but I’m sad because alankylo still doesn’t have a hybrid

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You got two components for rixis

Nunda and Sarco

I could personally use some Nundasuchus, actually! Living in local area 1, I get a lot of Majungasaurus DNA, meaning Majundasuchus is the easiest hybrid for me to fuse for when I need to collect rare DNA for daily missions. However, I somehow run out of Nundasuchus DNA very quickly, even though it’s also easy to find since it’s a global spawn. Kind of sounds like a paradox, if you ask me… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Same here. Would be nice for Majundaboa too

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Alanqa yeah!!!

Nothing I need this week but nice to see Kentrosaurus getting some loving at last.

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