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May is going to be a spectacular month ! (ironic mode on)

After waiting for the news of the month they have finally arrived !!!

As a reward of the month, again BLUE !! If someone did not have the damn indo2 at 30 yet, they will have it !!!

As a reward for tournaments, after an exciting April with the “deer”, tenontorex, one of the most trashy unique (well, there are so many !!!)

As a monthly dino, Monolopho. It could be a good prize if it weren’t for all his descendants being trash.

As an alliance reward, junk DNA.

I can only know if there will be any interesting hunting …

How Ludia likes to laugh at us. Did you expect turtles, mammoth, deer, the new version dinos? hahahaha, delusions !!! more garbage.


Well, it will be a good month to take a break from the game … I should rethink whether to stop paying the VIP after leaving even the smallest purchase months ago.


4 x Disappointment. Well played Ludia.


Well, perhaps when there is a change of version two say: it was a joke !!! we are sadists but not so much !! now we put the real rewards …

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Most rewards dissapoint me, with the exception of Blue. In fact, Blue upsets me!


So disappointed. At least I can catch up on Dragon Quest of the Stars this month instead.

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While I do not disagree with everything being lame as rewards. I do dis ya out Tenontorex being trash. It’s on my team and is my starter. I’ve killed plenty of boosted Erlidominus and Indoraptor Gen 2 with it as swell as other stuff. Tenontorex is a beast. It looks dumb but it’s good.

This is the only pic I have on my phone but I’ve shared a lot in a Tenontorex thread here.


Blue was a saving grace … everything else: :face_vomiting:


Any megapowered dino can be a good dino, even a tenontorex. A tryostonix can also be a beast. That does not mean he is a good dino.

I would not recommend creating and enhancing tenontorex to anyone. It is not that it is a bad dino, it is that there are some 25 best then him.


I think @Phil does not boost his tenrex. Am I right Phil?
His tenrex is simply levelled all the way to 30.

And Tenrex is not to be laughed at. It can do a lot. This is a very underrated creature.


That’s right, unboosted, just max leveled.

Tentontorex doesn’t fit in with my team as a slow chomper. I’ll be using DiloG2 for Spinoconstrictor and TrexG2 for IndomG2.

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I mean my lv 23 Thor (two boosts attack, two boosts speed and one health) just took out a level 28 Tenonto and still had her instant charge leftover. Fact is, she just isn’t that great in the immune meta.

Correct it is unboosted I love it.

Considering this a rest month where I won’t feel the need to get those DBI’s. I’ll hunt for the new creatures and fuse the new hybrids.

I’m sure the newer players will be fine with the rewards.

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New players also want the best end game ingredients. But I guess they’ll take anything.

The last time ludia waited till last minute to post these type of changes, we got baryonix as the daily reward…
I figured this would be just as bad and decided to claim the daily snake before it changed. So glad I made that choice.


If the new players fuse tenontorex, they will be making the wrong decision. They will be able to play with it for a few months and then have to abandon it. If they want to help new players, they must create very powerful dinosaurs created from new DNA.

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You’re underestimating tenontorex a bit though. But it does indeed deserve a buff. But it can do quite a bit of things with its kit. Its not labeled tyrant for a reason and needs a buff. Especially with immunity all over. She needs an immunity I guess lol. Its a buff away from tyrant.

But it isn’t trash…


I’d rather have majunga as a daily mission reward.

Boo this man! Lol

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