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May not wait til update to leave

If this update that they hyped us for doesn’t come out next week, I’m out. I’m already one foot out the door due to arenas and battling (yes tournaments included) being absolutely atrocious. Oh and battling is kind of the main point of this game. Without the battles, why are we grinding to collect DNA? Some, and a rare few, don’t care about battling. They just collect to collect. That prob 1% of players. So yea, battling is the name of the game, and what everything sort of hinges on. These past couple months have infuriated me with battling, and Ludias horrible, terrible communication. They hyped this summer update almost a month and half ago. If its not out next week, mid July, I’m leaving. I def will have a void to fill,as this game has its bright moments. But way too poorly ran. And far too many errors in the development. No update next week, Bye bye!


Update will be in 2 weeks I think… this week no teasers, so definitely will not be next week… so bet on the earliest being 2 weeks… atleast…

I thought notes would be this friday right?


The patch notes should be revealed tomorrow (Friday) since the “last” creature family was shown off last week.


I don’t think so… don’t get your hopes up… it’s Ludia remember… probably 2 weeks out

Go back and read the bottom of the family post… they said to look out in the next coming weeks for more info

You obviously don’t love dinosaurs as much as me then. I stay just for the creatures


Hahaha when’s the last time Ludia ACTUALLY put out dinosaurs!?! Baja like 3 updates ago, and none the previous couple. This “dinosaur” game having ONE new dino in like 5 updates is part of a long list of absurdities with this game, and this company, and why I am about done.
And I believe I read a post saying no release notes this week… soooo it may be time to leave for me. Done putting up with this lame companies garbage

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Which post said that there isn’t release notes this week?

Obviously no one is making anyone stay and I hate to see so many people frustrated, but I really think this next update is going to be big enough that it’s worth to stick around and see. I know many many people are on the edge of leaving, but it might be worth the extra week or 2 until we get note. At least I hope we get notes in a week or 2 lol. Plus, if the update is everything we hope it’ll be, you might be disappointed in yourself for missing that extra weeks of rewards and such.

It also doesn’t help that reset was this week and that always makes for an unpleasant arena experience. Obviously everyone needs to do what they need to stay sane and happy (especially in the current world climate), but I would hope everyone at least sticks around to see what this update is all about.



That there is an update, does not mean that it changes the dynamics of the game, the battles will remain the same, there may be new creatures, the increases did not create that they are eliminated, and they said that it will be in Summer, they did not say in which Summer will be, it can be in the southern summer of the planet that begins in December.

What are people so frustrated about the battles? I don’t get it. I have been in arena 10 for quite a while. I have stayed between 4700-4900 (never made 5k) and I win and lose about the same as I always have. Battles are hard but fun, and I have learned how to beat the indo gen 2 that at times can seem unbeatable. The only thing I would like Lydia to do is fix friendly battles and increase the coins available. I am always coin poor. My favorite part is the challenging campaigns (I am on 75) and the monthly alliance rewards are great


Yeah but matchmaking/boosts is just bad. I can’t even get past 5500 after I hit 5611, and I try every single strategy I can lol.
And the variety. not much variety so the arena becomes stale. Pretty much same dinos.
pretty much Maxima starter, tryko, indoraptor either gen, erlidom, magna every match. and they are all way outboosted than others lol


I just built the magma and I have never used it in battle. Boosts are a fact of the game and using them wisely is key to battles. I can’t get past campaign 75 because some of my Dino’s are not boosted enough yet.

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Yeah I’ve got one foot out the door. I stg if they don’t release the patch notes Friday… I’m out


Actually I’m willing to bet the patch notes are released tomorrow followed by the update on the 14th. That would follow the cadence they have used in the past. The arena season has now ended

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Thanks for getting that song stuck in my head. I didn’t even have to watch the video :rofl:


Same here. I still get Nsync and Back street boys confused.