Maybe a coincidence?

I don’t mean to sound like I’m whining, or that I’m being a sore loser. Just want to say that this sequence of occurences is just very coincidental, and is getting a bit ridiculous.

It seems that each time I approach my PVP high score, that more battle bugs seem to pop up. My internet connection and cellular connections are working just fine for everything else, but when I within distance of passing my high score, things stop working. This includes:

  • choosing an attack, the button for which disappears until the clock hits zero, and the button then reappears and nothing happens (dinos still doing their shifting foot to foot)

  • exiting and reentering the game to continue match, but unable to choose any moves until the clock hits zero (after which it does the same as the previous, and the attack buttons never showed up)

  • chose an attack, noticed the clock was still ticking down, exited the game and reentered only to find the attack never went through

  • after beating two dinos of my opponent, match freezes (once again exiting and reentering to no avail)

When I have these issues, normally, they aren’t that frequent. This has happened five times today so far, each while coming in close to my high score. I also am always able to hop back into the battle having lost a turn, but each of these times it just freezes again.


Not a bug, really, but still really weird. Every time I get to a battle that will push me over my high score by winning, they dinos I face are suddenly at least 4 levels higher than mine (and I have only 3 boosted dinos on my team, but it’s only one or two boosts on one stat each (ex. attack boost on tragodistis, one speed boost to purutaurus) )

Hey Rinnah, I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems in the Arena. We have some troubleshooting steps here that may help reduce these issues that you are having: Lost a battle I was winning.

Our team would be happy to take a closer look as well if you send them over your support key and device information here at

Buttons disappearing is bug. But after a year of playing this game timer freezing at 0 seems to be way too coincidental. It’s always when I’m winning or pull out an iwin dino.

People are free to laugh at me if they want, but I have a feeling some players are ddosing.