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Maybe a little nerf on andrewsarchus inside the tourney meta?

This creature drived me crazy it is op against the ones who shall not be weak against it.My sugestion of nerf was reduce a bit its speed or atack and then increase its hp a bit.
Hp 3300-3900
Damage 1400 - 1250
Speed 125- 120

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I’d say it could use a reduction on CRIT chance. It’s supposed to take down Doedicurus, Elasmotherium, and the like, so it does need that 1400 attack, but 40% CRIT is a little much.

Koolasuchus Gen 2 is surprisingly a fantastic counter to it and the Lion though, with it’s high stats all around; it has more health, attack, and speed, and can render their attacks to 0 damage, even if the Lion constantly Prowls.

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kelenken and orni are good counterattacks against Lion and Andrew

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There are a lot of excellent counters.

Too rng based u can easily get screwed and then they’ll swap to a draco

And for lion, ES is only 1 attack, meaning lion can go thru ur dodge with a counter

Yap thats true and if they dont dodge against andrew a swap into draco or what ever wil kill it

Use cunning dinos. They kill it very easily.

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I use but it only shows up when theyre dead

If you nerf Andrew you’re gonna need to nerf most of the rare resils cause its one of the only things that can stand up to them.

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Save them until you see one then.

My personal problem with andrew doesn’t start with andrew but with speedties. Andrew is fine as is but speedties make me lose basically every andrew v andrew matchup and then it takes a chunk from doedic and ruins me


I personally think it’s fine. But maybe could have a smaller crit chance. It’s got pretty good attack as is. And it doesnt need to be the exact same as ML as ML relies predominantly on rend where Andrew has other abilities.


The sloth eats Andrew

mmmhhh I think its stats are fine, the problems are its immunity to decel and the “no escape” ability, I’d remove these two and replace them with a slight increase of its hp

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Decrease his speed to 120-123, its too fast even dilophosaur only has 124 speed for a cunning or at least remove Cleansing strike.

Same thing

No, without speed decrease immunity it’s completely useless against resilients, and the no escape is not not an issue when some creatures are immune to it in the tournament. It’s one of the few decent fierce creatures and does exactly what It needs to do, kill resilients. It’s fine as It is, all it’s good points are balanced by the fact It has really low HP. A balanced creature as far as I’m concerned.

Andrew is one of the few fierce creatures that are actually decent, i don’t see how It needs a nerf, It does exactly what It needs to do, which is countering resilients. Any cunning creature can easily kill It and It already has low HP so It can’t just swap into a resilient and take It out. The damage It has is necessary to kill most resilients, so nerfing that would basicaly kill its purpose. The HP is fine as It is as It is balanced by a high speed.


Some of the rare cunning creatures could benefit from a minor rend resistance but they already counter the lion and andrew fine as is.

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