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Maybe a new Thing to Implement While Fighting?


I’ve seen this before but never really thought of posting about it but it happens so often I figured I might as well.

Has anyone ever made a stripe by connecting 4 tiles that goes left - right or up - down, but then made another one in the same row and when you use one it activates the other one and it gets wasted on the same tiles? (sorry if their is any confusion about what I just said)

I was thinking if Ludia could make it so that when one of the stripe tiles hits the other one, it would make it turn and go the other direction so it isn’t wasted on the same row/column of tiles.

I’ll reply back to anyone who is confused, and I will try to get a screenshot of it to clear it up a little more.

  • Toothless

Yeah, that’s annoying when it happens.


There should be some sort of bonus, at least increase the damage multiplier