Maybe a new way to roll out updates is required..?

Just putting a thought out there that I have seen in other games to prevent what is clearly going to be a very hectic next few days for the devs - maybe try some kind of phasing of new updates rather than hitting the whole populace at once.

  1. Have specific beta testers (you may, but looks like not enough) that get the update first outside the general populace. Eg can’t have beta testers in a clan with not

  2. Roll out by level - high to low. This gives the more experienced players the chance to sift through all the different mechanics with an expert eye and feed back, again before mass release (Pokémon Go uses this for a lot of its updates where those at max level get them first to trial and feed back).

  3. Roll out by region, though usually only really seen this done with new game releases rather than updates.

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It took these guys half a year to fix enemy spirit bug… or rather, not fix - but redesign the system to be worse than the worst case scenario that it used to be.
And it took them 2 months to bother to fix Alphas after their Clan update.
And like two full days of the Cloudjumper scandal.

What do you expect from them?

I like #1. #2 gives an advantage to strong players. #3 happens via app stores already.

I definitely think they need smaller and more frequent updates.

I think the game should do smaller and more frequent updates. Instead of trying to fix a ton, change things and add features all at once. Just do a few things and roll them quicker. I believe this would lead to less bugs as well as make it easier to find what is causing new bugs.

We waited months for this update and it made the game worse than before. Some alpha glitches are still there and new ones have arisen.

I also still believed you should invite a small group of players to beta test the updates so a lot of the bugs could be found before launch

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The updates need beta testing I completely agree.

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Yeah by keeping it small, if there are bugs it’s only a few people that require fixing over the following day or so. Then they can fix the code before updating everyone after that. Hopefully a week extra or so to a bug free update to all players. Minor damage to reputation/community.

With a release to all players at once the devs spend the next week and more sorting peoples bugged accounts in addition to having to fix the code. Looking at a few weeks extra to get to bug free update. Major damage to reputation/community.