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Maybe a refund for the arena/tourney bug?

While you have noticed the endless loading arena bug (and are working on the repair), right now it still causes many problems. In my case 70% of battles are bugged. I’m sure there are people who don’t play arena or tournaments at all because they don’t have patience for the bug. That’s why I ask you for a tournament refund. Maybe some championship points, maybe a small (1-3) championship incubator for everyone, maybe something else. Please give us anything because I feel the bug may have serious consequences like lower championship scores etc.


Can’t even play tournament… Already launched nearly 10 battles… only could do two… don’t know when i will complete 10 dino strikes…


Tournament is working for me but I can’t start a pvp battle at all, just the loading screen

I can load a few pvp battles, like 5-7, and then the next battle I launch, it takes me to the blank arena and I have to restart the game a few times.

Same here, it’s very annoying and, as I wrote before, can make many people irritated and not do their 10 tournament takedowns. Some kind of tourney compensation must be given

It would be nice if they could upgrade all alliances rewards like they did in the past. Give tier 7 to the ones at tier 6, tier 5 to the ones at tier 4,etc.

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Yeah, I gave up after finally getting my 10 takedowns. Feels like a weekend full of Ludia bugs.

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