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Maybe a stupid question


I just created utarinex, she is beautiful exept for 1 thing. Why is she red/ brown?!
Dracorex is green, utahsino is my blue Dame. Where does that red/ brown colour come from?


from the blood of the dinos she has taken down in her path.


I think it’s just a random mixture.
I love the beauty and nice colors on her.
Nothing much else to say.


That sounds really blood thirsty :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Well that’s, dark…

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If you wanna see it that way, there are other hybrids that you can ask the same question.

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There are plenty of Dino’s with this same thing. Tyrannoloph has completely different coloring from Rex G2 and Dilo G2. Same with Indoraptor even. Not trying to be rude, just pointing it out.

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But tyrannolopho as the same stripe as Dilo G2 along their body


I am wondering where Diplotator got it’s rainbow colours and those horns on the side of her head.
Neither Diplocaulus nor Irritator has those colours nor horns…

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Magic! Characters!!


Dinosaur blood is green?!


Diplo has head spikes in the same area, they are just more exaggerated

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