Maybe it's about time we have flares and different darts, batteries and drones available at the store


Something we could use real money on the top ones - since that’s what ludia wants us to spend - but some options to be bought with coins.

Flares should works as PoGo’s lures or incense. Just attract some dinos to a specific location. Disabled people, with mobility issues would like that.

Darts could have, like, homing darts, double hit darts, slowdown darts, freezing darts, rapid fire, pulsing darts (like the suchomimus’s Lethal Wound)

To balance things up, like Thanos would like, special darts should decrease battery life.

Batteries… We should be able to extend an encounter BEFORE and WHILE darting the dino. Since Ludia’s little crazy about what is common and what is rare, that could fix this issue. Maybe we could gain a little more battery life at every dart released (since the drone would be lighter), gaining maybe an extra shot at the end of 8 or 10 darts released.

Drones - Ludia could go crazy here. But I think the best option should be drone that can go FARTHER - increasing the radius of the hunt.

the ONLY drone I’d like, actually, is a drop supply / chest / strike tower drone. So we could activate these things from a bigger distance (not necessarily 150m, but maybe 50m). Again, people with mobility issues.


Some of these sound pretty interesting but they couldn’t be too strong or they would unbalance play even further.


I like it. Remember in JP 3 the kid used Trex pee to scare dinos but it attracted a really big one. Give us dino pee lures lol. All seriousness I would love specific lures ehhmm like trex.


Or just something you set out and wait for the dinosaurs to come and get it than darts away! We have to walk! So should they!


maybe a goat? like in the first movie.


I don’t think I would want anything cute cause it would depress me!

How about a corn beef sandwich with a side of french fries


you are putting dinos to kill each other, dude.

there’s nothing cute about that.


I certainly do think that the idea of flare/lure addition would be good. I’d happily spend my bucks on those.


They are knocking each other out not necessarily killing each other

I guess it’s all in how you look at it.

If they ripped each other to pieces like in the movies I would say killing.


These are the things I agree with:

In my opinion, better hard cash for this:

We strongly need those coins to level up our dinos… :sweat_smile: