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Maybe some different dna would be nice


These alliance missions are getting boring. The same prize dna over and over. Sino is welcomed as is triceratops gen 2 but the rest of it is garbage. Concavenator dna is useless, as is majunga and whatever else you get. A little variety is not to much to ask for.


I’m sure they will change it and take out everything you like and replace it with stuff you like less.
Adage: make hay while the su shines.

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They will never chhange them into more useful ones.
Complaining then becomes worse.


Yh i am realy hoping sino is still in for another week i am hunting utarinex now so would be nice to create and level to 22 at least

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They will change it eventually but as Sino is so hard to find for most of us I will welcome it hanging around a little while longer.


rewards lists, I viewed the files. also I see a tier 6 (?)

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Can’t wait to get that Pterosaur DNA at the end of the week!

By the way, how do you manage to get the game files on a PC? I can’t figure out how to. I’m trying to 3D print the Hybrids.


Wait you play on pc?


Just download the apk on your pc you can use it to view files aka datamine

And everyone here claiming not to change it cause you need sino… when they nerf sino hybrids down to the level of monomimus because they hand out its dna every week will be singing a different tune.

Giving out the same dna regardless of whether its good or not will have consequences… that sino dna is the most likely reason why we now have two days a week with no event dinos.

Tell the new players that are facing level 18 sinos in arena 3… how great getting the same reward is.

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