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Maybe someone should explain to Ludia how tournaments work

I’m ranked 950 in this tournament. This is my opponent. How is this even remotely fair? Why aren’t I fighting those closely ranked to me to advance? I could see fighting someone 850 or 800 but 166?? Every single one of my opponents have been in the top 200. I’ve yet to have one match without fighting a level 30. My highest is 26. The reasons to quit playing this game just keep piling up. Hey @Ludia how about we have an actual tournament and not use your terrible matchmaking system.


I have not won 1 match since entering. Most of the opponents I got could 1-shot my entire team. Strange tournament compared to others.

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Better give a kick start on day1, that case you will be combined with all different levels of opponents and fairer chance to fight on even ground. Usually day2 has been given enough time to stratify players.

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if you look at the profile among last opponents this is the season placement and not the placement of the tournament. So it may well be that your opponent started later with the tournament and therefore was still in your range


One more error from Ludia, the best way to disgust players

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I think matches based on your immediate trophy count is the most fair. It should be based on how many battles you can win with your team. This tournament may favor higher ranking players but there have been plenty that favor mid lvl players already by restricting uniques. In those tournaments, many high lvl players didn’t have super boosted legendaries to play but still have to battle against them. No matter who you are matched with, if it is purely based on trophy count, you will find the place you are supposed to be after playing a reasonable amount of battles.

Tournament rank and arena rank are different things.

the problem is not the only dinos, the problem is the boost

Why would anyone enter a tournament where boosts are enabled? lmao

They are not always enabled, is there any way to know beforehand? How will the tournament be?

I didn’t even enter, felt like all that would happen is I would frustrate lower level players.

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I’ve entered it because I am resting on piles of coins, and could always use more HC. Settling for 75 HC, too many uniques running around even at low ranks.

It’s always announced here on the forums before tournament start, including requirements and whether boosts are on or off.

I agree that this tournament wasn’t for everyone.

Initially, I didn’t think I would participate. However, I realized that if you could get into the top 20,000 then you would make more than your entry fee. (2500 coins plus 50 hard cash = about 4500 coins). So, I bit the bullet and spent my 3500 coins.

After a number of wins and losses, I finally wound up winning three in a row and got 88 trophy points. At the time, I was in 5780th place. It seemed like only about 12,000 players participated. So, it looks like I’ll nearly double my entry fee… which wasn’t bad for an hour’s investment.

I only have an arena score of about 4200 right now… so there’s lots of players that could have entered that didn’t bother… but I have no problem with that.

It definitely wasn’t a tournament for the newer or weaker players.