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Maybe you haven't noticed, but we wait for 2.1 for almost as long as for 2.0

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but we wait for 2.1 for almost as long as for 2.0. 1.14 update (I’m counting from release notes) lasted for 2,5 months, while 2.0 lasts almost 2 months (tomorrow it will be equally 2 months).

What does that mean? There are two options:

  1. Devs are preparing another huge update (like 2.0) OR
  2. they decided to rest after patching 2.0 three times, and now they’re preparing a normal update (like 1.13).

Regardless of what you (devs) are doing, I have one main request for you. Please spend more time on balancing, especially if now you’re planning to release an update once for 2-3 months (instead of how you did before 2.0) . Waiting that long for new features isn’t worth it if we have to constantly face overpowered monsters during that time. Thank you.


Patch notes friday

Hopefully they fix creatures this time, instead of breaking them.

the only thing I hope in 2.1 is more variety of hybrids, literally in 2.0 we get a hybrid that most do not have.

I’m dying to know what ‘’ poukaidei ‘’ is :smiley:


realy?! or or is it just a superstition

For real? : o

:wink: Well it’s soon but may change

To soon. They haven’t done any teasers yet. I’m thinking early October.


In any case, I’m hoping to get as much Mortem DNA as possible out of 2.0, just in case Ludia decides to mess with the creatures we’re using.

Camp Cretaceous is coming out, and JWTG got Pteranodon G2 as well as Para G2 (bioluminescent, like the one from the recent Minecraft JW dlc), so there could be some interesting stuff in store for us.


Plot twist: 3.0.


That’s my fear too, they’ll change certain creatures or skills and render them less viable for Mortem. If they couldn’t juggle balancing before, they are going to find it much harder now.

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It’s been two months already? Dang, time flies when you’re experiencing quarantine.

I really look forward to hybrids - it’s my favorite thing to play and hunt for in the game.


Educated guess says Poukaidei is Haast’s Eagle G1+Deinonychus

I have been wondering if 2.1 will drop soon, I hope this mega-Maxima and terror-Tryko thing gets balanced quickly.

Hopefully Ankylocodon and Alankylosaurus finally get their hybrids this time around, and more hopefully they won’t suck like Dracocerato and Scaphotator.


I’m hoping it’s because they’re doing a massive rebalance of the dinos who got the short end of the stick (DC vs their unique hybrid, for example). There are way too many poor choices this time around.

Also - give Carnotarkus their health and attack back. There was no need for a nerf when you take into account the new rend resistance.


Normally they do updates every 2 months. I hope 2.1 comes soon. It is boring with owerpowered dinos( Ardentis, Tryko). They did a minor update but it should not be an excuse to delay 2.1

just look at smilonemys and his unnecessary damage reduction … tarkus goes the same way

I’d hope their taking our critiques and suggestions seriously, and are taking their time to thoroughly balance the aftermath of 2.0. But you can’t be too optimistic…

Right now I’d be happy to wait a little longer for a new update. Still working my way through playing 2.0 and trying things out.

See told you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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good news: maxima and tryko were reduced. Bad news: ankylocodon and alankquilosaurus still no descendant