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MBTuffLove is recruiting!

DPG Members!
MBTuffLove is in great need of active tournament players for this Tenontorex championship. We guarantee you high rewards , Tier 8 incubator at least!
Besides the tournament rewards you will have access to:
-Our discord channels for raids and Alliance stuff;
-3 level 20 sanctuaries ;

  • 7 to 8 rank daily incubators ;
    -Professional squad and more!
    Right now we have 7 free slots waiting for you! But you must be qualified enough to be part of our team.Our requirements are simple:
    -You must be at least level 15;
    -You must be active , less than 2 days of inactivity;
    -You must get ALL of Your ten kills, each tournament;
    -You MUSTN’T place any dino in top level 20 sanctuaries, we really put much effort in keeping them straight;
    -You must ask our Cos and leader to invite someone else, no blind invites;
    -You must start with at least +3500 trophies.
    Any updates will occur each time a slot is taken. Contact me on forums for more info.
    We wish you a pleasant stay and remember that it’s up to you if we can get that golden incubator!

RE: We have 6 slots now open for you.

Hi Justin!! Hope y’all find good members!

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I am not Justin but I speak for him and other alliance members😅

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O haha. Lol, oops

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Update No.2 : we have 4 slots open now

Update No.3 : we have 2 places now