Mc_Aich Lineup

After i have read about @Sionsith 's Youtube Tutorials, i watched some of his videos. I loved the one about ferocity with the excel graphs. As i am kind of an Excelnerd myself. I thought i would try and plot my lineup as he did. So here are some of my results:

So i managed to get into the lower ranges of Dominatorleague at the last 4 tournaments. I have to spend a lot of time on those (2-3 figths every 3-4 hours). At the first tourney the lineup was obviously even weaker. But of course i have to wait till the end before making the jump into dom. I get most of the time destroyed in the dom matches. So i was thinking about making the next step and pushing the ferocity to a higher number. What value would you recomend for easier times in tournaments?

Right now the depth in the lineup is amazing. Jurassic events usually can be handled within one go. How many dinos within the same ferocity range would you recommend for those events?
I guess i will need more, since they have longer recovery times with a higher ferocity.

At the moment i am still deepening the lineup at the lvl i am (about 3700). I am working on more Lvl 40 legendaries, and a second Diplosuchus is breeding as well.

Happy for any recomendations :slight_smile: If important for your advises, i am VIP but only since about two months, so i haven’t got access to instant breeding and instant fusing. So i am not using tournament dinos yet. Although i unlock them all, when there is an opportunity.
And sorry for grammar. I am not a nativespeaker :stuck_out_tongue:


Lvl 20 VIP ferocity makes for a generally easy tournaments with typical ones. So that would be a good goal to aim at (around 4,400 ferocity).

Something to keep in mind is cooldowns of your creatures and that for a time you will be using your creatures for both tournaments and daily events until your lineup grows past this dual use. After which you will start to have two different sets of creatures since you will need your stronger creatures for your daily events while you lvl 20 VIP range creatures will be used for dominator runs in tournaments. You can start to use stronger creatures than this in tournaments but the stronger your team the less trophies you will get for a win so it’s about finding the balance between strength and ease of the battle along with trophy out put that works for you. (Excel for the win :partying_face:).


Yeah thanks for the ideas and the Info about the Game in your Videos. Also for your advise on the general ferocity goal for tournaments. I will be preparing for the jump to that ferocity lvl. Guess that will take some time. Will try to give some Updates in this Thread from time to time.

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Little Update after about a week since last post:

  • Bread 3 more Diplosuccus

  • Second Stegoceratops

  • Pelecachtylus Lvl 20

  • Fused some Vips to second stage sitting at about lvl 13 now

Working on some more Hybrids and Lvl 40 Legendaries now.
The Hybrids deepen my lineup and with multiples of the same type, i hope for an easier jump to a higher ferocity number. The Lvl 40 Legendaries are good enough for my battles in events and tournaments. And will be ingredients for legendary hybrids in the future. Collecting S-DNA for more Pelecachtylus and Diplosuccus.

Still leaving aquatics and cenos on the sideline. I have enough for events. Tournaments are rare, so i leave them for now. (Except for misssions)

Had a much easier time with tournaments now. Winnig most of the dominator battles at the VIP Plotosaurus tournament. Today i worked myself up to 20th place. Wich i hope will be enough till the end.

Here are some tables of my lineup and a Graph to it.

Progress since the last post:

  • Story Mission made me fuse my first Legendary-Hybrid: Indominus Rex (have it at Lvl 10 now). I am breeding a second one, since another mission wants me to add a new Indominus. Also breeding my last two T-Rexes right now to get back my Lvl 40 Rex. Still fits well in my Lineup.

  • Diplosuchus number 5

  • Pelecachtylus Lvl 20 number 2

  • Another Eudimorphodon Lvl 13 and a Baryonix at the same lvl

  • Scaphognatus at Lvl 40.

  • Fused my to Ophiacommimus, since my Herbs did fall back. And i hardly used the Lvl 30 ones. Will keep him at 31 for now.

Plans for the upcoming time:
More Diplosuchuses, More Pelecachtylus, Lvl 40 Legendaries (Shuno for Herbs, Suchomimus for the bird Hybrid) and anothother Gigacephalus at 30.

Would love to get Tapejalo but Mono is still missing. Would also like to make Unayrhynchus but Rampho is also still missing.


A lot has happend since my last update.
Here is an graph of my new lineup.I made the jump above VIP lvl 20 and Hybrids in this area. I have about 55 Dinos with a ferocity at 4700 to 4400. And good options to make another jump.

My best dinos at moment are super rare hybrids at levle 31 to 40. Superhybrids like Pelecacthylus, Dipplosuchus, and my first dimetrocarnus. Then there are those VIPs at level 20.

Right now i am working on Koolasaurus since my Amphibians start to fall behind. Guess Ostaposaurus will be next. Also started working on breeding tournament creatures, like Metriacanthosaurus (lvl 30 right now).

Tournaments in the jurassic category are a piece of cake in the meantime. Daily events are easy as well. But i only got the silver pack in the aquatic tournament.

Guess i have to get to a higher ferocity in aquatic and ceno as well. But they are less fun to me than jurassic…

Here are some tables to my top dinos.

I have been playing now since about 6 months. Started playing shortly before christmas last year. There is still a lot to do in the game :slight_smile: And a lot of new updates every month.

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This a very Boring view of the game.

If you like data then maybe not :wink:
And if you think about it, the game is just a giant database with a graphical surface. So this is kind of the game without graphics. :stuck_out_tongue:


It seems there are quite some guys present in the game who like being “bored”.


Great Lineup, i love those diagramms :slight_smile: Looking forward to working my Lineup to a ferocity like yours. How long have you been playing?

I’m not sure, I suppose I started in autumn 2016.
I had to sell a lot of my top creatures at some point because PvP became unplayable for me and I wasn’t aware of the relation between ferocity and difficulty. I had level 40s of almost every hybrid that was available at that time, but no depth.
Since then I’m much more cautious in terms of increasing my team. At the same point I started “diagramming”.


Mostly just Max player who invested too much.

Most people in this forum are just LVL 99 with so much investment that they cant break away.
Everyone is worried with reaching Dom, while simultaneously posting a pic showing 2000+ points at the first day.

Newer player wont stick because of insane power-creep and time.

Community events cant even be finished anymore (even with hackers) because of very little player base.

Its good to be mindful of balance lineup, but give it atleast room for unpredictability. It gives more excitement and fun.

Specially with your lvl, your at the most fun part of the playthrough. when everything is an exciting buff to the team. Dont make it feel like taxes and income you need to calculate.

When you reach my lvl(not max) the game will turn to just collecting. New addition hardly contribute.

For me there is enough fun and excitement in the game. I love regular tasks like the daily quests, the new weekly and season quests, i love those daily events. They always start after my working times in my timezone. So those are my start to free time each day.

I am counting myself to those new players (6 months so far) but with a foot in the midgame. As you can see, i have no problems with tournaments (at least jurassic).

I like the game and the approche i chose. Maybe i will stop playing, if i don’t like it anymore. Or try another way of playing. So far i will stick with my numbers, graphs and planing my next steps.
It’s a great feeling if you can tick of a bulletpoint of a goalslist and adding a new bulletpoint on the other end. And see a new dino on the top spots of the lineup. Slowly increasing your lineup and the power of your opponents.

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Yeah but do you really need a sheet.

Anyway goodluck with what your doing, your enjoying and thats whats important.

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I think it’s important to understand each player has a different experience with how they can enjoy the game.

I for sure agree with you that some variability is good but as a fellow data geek I get just as much fun if not more in turning the game into “taxes and income” then just winging it. My lineup is now to a point where I can just wing it but when a new creature comes out that makes it’s way into the top forty of my lineup you can bet I am going to break out my spreadsheets and start recording data on it :wink:.


Time for a new update on my progress.
Since the last time i posted my lineup, i did not invest much in my jurassics. Got some more copies of s-hybrid and some more VIPs from solid gold packs and the spinwheel.

Beginning with the anonoucement of the Mosa-tournament with Aquatics (even Surface) only. I decided to make a big ferocity-jump with the aquatics. Went to a ferocity based around Lvl 20 VIPs (had Lvl 10 a the top before). In a matter of fact i also spent all of my DNA on Xinathodons.

The Tournament went well, i unlocked the Mosa. But the Lineup got quite unbalanced, so i am now in the progress of balancing out again.
Worked on the other Superrare-Hybrids: Leptostega and Dakoderma. Also Working on the components for Elasmosaurus. Probably will get it within the next days.

I started to work on the Aquatics Legendarys as well. Just bread everything i have got in my market. Got my first Lvl40 (Liopleurodon) last week and will get a Plesiosaurus this week. Since i have so few Reefs in the top spots i will work on Reef Legendaries next. Sadly the options on Hybrids are quite low in comparison to Jurassics.

Also i wanna get two Henodus from the VIP packs this week. But this depends if i get enough LPs until the end of the week.

Goal is to get enough good fishes to be confident in Aquatic Tournaments.

Here is a Plot of my Aquatic Lineup.