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McCarthy Jinx

I was thinking about placing jinxs or curses on cheaters who beat me in the arena.

Bless you!

:smiley: I don’t want to say anything because I don’t want a curse on me, have enough problems already :smiley:

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Hey there Rickster

Just wanted to wish you well and hope things turn around for you

And say

No one cares


I’m sorry, especially to everyone in the community, but I’m just sick and tired of always losing all of the time.

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My team so far.

Looks like a solid team.

Might be an end user error.

Perhaps a screw loose behind the keyboard.

If you’re always losing, shouldn’t you be in a lower arena?? Just sayin’.

Psychologist in the building ?

Didn’t I ask you to stop talking forever?
We were doing so well… what happened?


I’m in a really bad mood, so don’t you dare mess with me.

Don’t mess with me… Lol

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The arena now is just a nightmare for me.


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Why do they have to be just like Slytherin, cunning, and ambitious? It’s just not fair.


This comment just made my day…thank you…

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Smart, ambitious and driven like Slytherins? OH NOOOO :stuck_out_tongue: how horrible .

If we ever battle, I just want you to know that I’m going to beat you because of my house.