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Me and my sino will win EVRY SINGLE BATTLE

This is so fun and satisfying

The only people that says sino is over leveleld are my opponents ragequitting;)


im sure that thing is a beast. my trex will swallow it whole though.

It’s hard to call out people for rage quitting. When the game constantly kicks players from games claiming they haven’t started.


Jeez, that’s a really powerful chunk boi

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You’ll need tons of Sino DNAs for future fuses my friend.
Tankers will not stand a chance to survive in the current meta - at the higher arenas.

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I would eat that with a side of fries and a coke. :sunglasses:

It’s enough a triostronyx to take it out …

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Remember it’s boosted;)

My Thor and tryko waiting for you. :smiling_imp:


My Tryostronix, T Rex, Thor, Tryko, and basically everything else are waiting too.

Will be nice to see some new dinos in the arenas. Make him tougher tho.

Your idea of boosted and my idea of boosted are two different things.

But glad to see to see someone having fun with non metas.