Me banearon por estar de viaje/I was banned for being on a trip

El día miércoles, me encontraba de viaje, estaba rondando por otra ciudad diferente a la mía. Tengo varios dispositivos en casa y mi chica entró a jugar en mi cuenta desde uno de ellos. Ayer, recibo un baneo por “tramposo”, mandé un correo al soporte para solucionar el problema y no me respondieron, solicito se solucione pronto este problema, pues ahora mi cuenta está en la categoría de tramposo y eso tiene demasiados problemas.

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On Wednesday, I was traveling, I was hanging around another city different from mine. I have several devices at home and my girl started playing on my account from one of them. Yesterday, I received a ban for “cheater”, I sent an email to support to solve the problem and they did not respond, I request that this problem be solved soon, because now my account is in the category of cheater and that has too many problems.

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Ok, Idk this to be fact, but I know some who have 1 or more JWA accounts however you have to make sure they aren’t logged into the same one at the same time. Idk if it’s true but I think it is. (Don’t quote me on that)