Me x Matchmaker (3-2) :)

Pitty i didn’t record my last battle now. :frowning:
Let me describe before i forget then:

my team:

and the gift from matchmaker:

turn 1:
i choosen utasinoraptor, opponent spinotasuchus.
i pick up that utasino crit yellow move. opp swappet to a lvl 29 boosted dracorat.

(people from raterminator area will love now…)

1949x2 rat damage didn’t kill my utasino, bravely survived with 56 health only.
and utasino hit draco wich survives easily (about 4500 health, don’t remember exactly).

turn 2: i choosen instant move predicting a cleanse. it worked (draco stun) but survived with very low health like my utasino.

turn 3: i choosen utasino 1.5 disctract and opp cleanse. rat exterminated.

turn 4: player choosen spinotasuchus again, my rat did another yellow impact and did a crit. :slight_smile:
spinotasuchus finished.

turn 5: player brought that monster thor. i did my uta instant again, but didn’t stun this time.
utasino died.

turns 6, 7, 8: i choosen my yoshi, the most recent “nerf this guy” creature. so, i did the obvious: instant => rampage => strike.
bye bye monster thor.

turn 9: player brought a nice tenonto. yoshi strike and died.

turn 10 (finally): my erlidominus finished the job.

i still had tryko waiting…

thanks ludia’s matchmaker to give me a nice lvl 29 boosted team expecting i loose miserably. :roll_eyes:
and thanks that player, for miscalculating rat swap-in against a 15% armored rinex element. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

:smile_cat: :smiley_cat: