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Meaning of lvlup?

Hi there,
I’m wondering What’s the meaning of lvlup renown? Bonus stats are not considerable. Lv9/10 for legendary gear. What’s after that?

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Each level of renown you gain a pack with gear and in it there a guaranteed legendary

Nice, from what lvl?? I haven’t received any

Whenever you don’t open up a new hero, you get an equipment pack, so I guess somewhere from lvl 11 and on


There Is No Point In Leveling Up Past Lev 10, If You Ask Me, You Can Use Any
Legendary Equipment After That? Then If You Don’t Have legendary To Use, What’s The Point? Just Upgrade Your Other Gear, Does Pretty Much The Same Thing I Think!!!:sunglasses::innocent::grin:

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I Have A Pretty. Strong Team, From Doing That!!!:muscle::woman:

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Thanks buddy. Can I ask what’s max lvl for epic gear?

Here Are Two With No Lev 10 legendaries, So I Just Don’t Lev Em Up, Only There Equipment, And If I Do Get A legendary I Can Use, Then I’ll Go Ahead And Lev Up.Screenshot_20190916-084223
The Rest I Needed To Lev Up In Order To Use My Legendary! :grin:Screenshot_20190916-084235

I Don’t Use Real :moneybag:, So I Have To Choose Wisely With My Gear Upgrades .:blush:

Gold Runs Out Quick, And The Higher You Go The More Expensive It Gets!!!:grin:

Legendary: lvl 4 max
Epic: lvl 8 max
Rare: lvl 12 max
Common: lvl 16 max
Stat-wise a common lvl 16 equals a legendary lvl 4


Very Informative!!! THANKS!!! Parthannun!!!:blush::grin:

@parthannun what happens once you max a card? Can you sell off the excess or is the rumor true, you just lose the excess cards and can’t sell them? I haven’t maxed any as yet.

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Based on an image I’ve seen, the excess was not lost. The image has since been removed from this thread: Is lev 4 on legendary equipment Max?

Perhaps @Ned or @Jon can resurrect the image I speak of.

I’m assuming you’re referring to this comment:

I’m pretty sure @gpinsky1313 was using hyperbole and referring to having Epics that did not give him any benefit because he cannot sell them (unless he rolls a lucky Durnan purchase offer).

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Wow, that suprises me. Lv5 epic = lv1 legend, can’t believe they’re equal in the end. Look like the last lvl is a huge stats boost

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I can also only confirm from what I’ve seen in screenshots and it is that you will still get the cards. You will have to wait until you can sell them in the store. The rumor is these cards don’t pop up for sale anymore…
The counter is 10/0 or so, while now it is 5/10 (5 collected, 10 in total needed to upgrade)

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Hummm…Very Interesting!:thinking::face_with_monocle::nerd_face::grinning:

Ned? Jon? :face_with_monocle:
LoL :rofl::yum::rofl::laughing::grin:

This is the image that was removed by Chocodz


Cool! How’d you do that?

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