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I’ve noticed this. We’ve had an event for every dragon, including Light Fury and Cloudjumper. Why not Meatlug?? After Toothless we went to Stormfly, then Barf and Belch, then Cloudjumper, now Hookfang again. Why hasn’t Meatlug got an event?

Hey DJ_NinjaCollider, Meatlug ate herself sick gobbling up rocks. However, we think that she will feel better soon, so make sure to keep checking back with us here! :smiley:


Meatlug is planned. She’s in the Book of Dragons.

Don’t quote me on this or anything, but it’s probably just to give people a chance to actually acquire an event dragon or two before moving on to the next batch.

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I hope she feels better!

Yeah, that makes sense. I’ve barely scratched the surface with some of these event dragons. As much as I wanted Light Fury it would’ve costed me way too much runes to get her in one event duration :confused:


Taking info from the posts on their fb page, I’ve somewhat determined a pattern:

3/15-3/24 - Toothless
4/4-4/7 - Light Fury
4/18-4/21 - Toothless
4/25-4/28 - Cloudjumper
5/2-5/5 - Light Fury
5/9-5/12 - Toothless
5/16-5/19 - Barf & Belch
5/23-5/26 - Cloudjumper
5/30-6/2 - Light Fury
6/6-6/9 - Toothless
6/13-6/16 - Stormfly
6/20-6/23 - Barf & Belch
6/27-6/30 - Cloudjumper
7/4-7/7 - Hookfang
7/11-7/14 - Light Fury
7/18-7/21 - Toothless
7/25-7/28 - Stormfly
8/1-8/4 - Barf & Belch
8/8-8/11 - Cloudjumper
8/15-8/18 - Hookfang

Toothless seems to start the pattern and Light Fury ends it. And aside from Hookfang, all the new ones are added after Toothless and before the last “new” event dragon. They also seem to have released 1 new event dragon a month. So I would guess Meatlug will be the next dragon, or they’ll finish out with Light Fury, have Toothless, then introduce Meatlug.


That makes a lot of sense. Thanks!