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Mechanics of Custom Trades

Hi all,

I was wondering what people’s thoughts were regarding how Custom Trades are calculated in the game. Are they calculated in real-time, or, like reward spins and (I believe) creation lab attempts, is the outcome already determined beforehand - i.e. before you even click the trade button, the game already knows what it is going to offer you?

The reason I think it might be the latter is that there are times when custom trades are greyed out for me, which suggests that the game is telling me I cannot afford the trade that it has already determined it wants to offer me. If trades were calculated and offered in real time, then even if I only had 10 million coins (for example), the game would offer a cheap trade, and as my coin balance increased, it would calculate and offer better and better trades.

The reason this matters is that you might be able to guess at what the Trade Harbor is going to offer you based on when it shows the trade is available. Assume we start at 10 million coins - for me, none of the coins to dino trades are available. As coin balance increases, at some point, the coins to dino trades start to be available. If that happens at say 30 million coins, you might assume you’re gonna get a normal super rare. If it happens at 50 million coins, maybe you’re gonna get a legendary. If it happens at 80 million+ coins, maybe you’re gonna get a rare hybrid. You might also be able to choose which trade to do based on which type of trade is made available last. For example, if Coins–>Jurassics becomes available at 30 million coins, but Coins–>Cenozoic stays greyed out until 80 million coins, I might logically assume the Cenozoic trade is going to be better, and act accordingly.

Also, if this is the case, then waiting to max out your coins in the hope of a better trade is a waste of time…

Just a thought - would be interested in people’s opinions.

The question is does it set it when you first look at the trades based on your level and your resources? Or does it not care what your resources are and only your level? Does it take into account unlocks that you already have?

In a way there are a lot of things that might be taken into account that I don’t think we could systematically figure them all out.

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Agreed - too many variables to be able to figure it out for certain, but I’d be interested in people’s guesses. My personal guess is that it does not care about your resources. If it is available, Coins–>Jurassics will offer you the same trade if you have 50 million coins as it will if you have 99 million coins.

This is purely based on the fact that it greys out the offer if your coins are too low - I interpret this as meaning Chanya knows what she wants to offer me and I have to have enough coins to afford it…

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Yes… agree that this does seem to be what happens, although the amount of coins that it will want to make a specific trade active does seem to be higher than the actual trade amount. In your example for instance, a trade for Jurassics might be inactive at 50m but if you collect more coins until the option becomes active, you’ll often find the amount it wanted was actually less (e.g. the trade might end up being only for 40m). And there also do seem to be other elements at play such as your park level that will determine to a large degree what trade possibilities you can get.

FYI… I know there was an earlier version of the CTs that allowed players to exploit the way they worked to cancel out and try the same trade over and over again until they got one they liked (like a VIP in the DNA trade). So the current implementation locks it in so that you can’t do that anymore.

What you can’t test is if it looks at your resources when you attempt to do the trade only to find out you don’t have enough or if it already had something in mind for you. I don’t think there is a way to test this but I am open to thoughts on how.

I doubt it does anything until you select which resource you are trading. But it seems to make some determination at that step as to what trade you will get be getting since that’s when some options will be grayed out. But not sure what reason there would be programmatically to do anything before then.

I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever gotten a custom trade offer that I couldn’t afford… I so rarely even do them without a maxed resource that I’m not sure I’d remember if I ever had.