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Mechanics of the Game are broken


Will someone explain to me the the actual percentage chance of Monomimus’s evasive stance working? Because quite clearly it is not a 50 % chance

I’ve done my own working out and out of 15 battles I have played containing the Monomimus only 3 out of the 15 matches has its evasive stance worked but on all occasions it’s worked on one turn.

I played with someone earlier who had a lower level Monomimus and miraculously they managed to evasive strike twice (after it had regenerated) and on all 6 moves dodged everything.

Something just doesn’t sit right to me on that. Is someone else having the same issue with The Monomimus evasive stance not working or is the game actually broken.


Same reason you win or lose…


This is how the rng works in this game… it goes on streaks that rarely feels random. Your opponents rng will hard lock on bad at some point and his mono will get hit through evasive 6 times so it all evens out.


Its not 50% overall odds over a set amount of turns. Every turn is 50%. Its flipping a coin every time.


Just because u flip a quarter and guess wrong 10 times in a row doesnt mean its not 50% chance. U had a 50% chance to guess right everytime. U just got unlucky. Exactly what happened

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Yep, I raged against the RNG of monomimus when it was added to the game, then it was nerfed (a bit) but it’s still broken because they never actually fixed it. Their ‘gross miscalculation’ wasn’t creating a very fast immune, nullifying/distracting (game-breaking) evading creature, it was too bulky so they just dropped it HP I think. Duh! It often feels like a 75% chance to dodge, comparable to stunning moves, even though it says 50/50. It’s most definitely not.


Coin flips are the worst and best of probability. On paper it’s a one-of-two chance to get what you want; those odds seem decent. It sounds good in theory, too, because in theory if you flip it 10 times you should get heads 5 times and tails 5 times. But in practice it’s exactly as @Justin_Larson said up top: each flip starts from scratch. It’s possible to flip it 10 times and get NONE of what you wanted.

I just flipped a coin at my desk here 10 times for kicks (and my wife is giving me a funny look, moreso after she asked what I was doing and I said “testing something for the internet”). Here’s what came up:

  1. Heads
  2. Heads
  3. Heads
  4. Heads
  5. Heads
  6. Heads
  7. Tails
  8. (failed to catch it, fell on the floor) Heads
  9. Tails
  10. Heads

Now given that coin-flipping isn’t perfect because each flick has different power and a different spin, it still illustrates the point since I literally only have two options to get. And with my 50% chance, I got Tails only 20% of the flips.

This. Is. Accurate.

I have a far greater problem with creatures that have a 5% crit rate and crit far more often than 5% would suggest, but for dodging at a 50% rate? Sounds like probability is working as intended.


It’s all because of this: Gambler’s Ruin.


Guys I think your all missing the point of what I’m saying. The game says it’s a 50% chance but what I’m arguing is that it’s not based on chance at all and that there’s something else deciding weather it works.

I get how percentages and chance works but from a realistic view point. Someone who can play consecutively 15 games in a row and have only one evasive stance move work too someone having it become effective on 6 moves in 1 match is questionable at best. Either the chance of those factors are possible but extremely unlikely by a large margin or the game is unbalanced somehow with the algorithm that decides when it works and doesn’t work.

Adding to this, just to give you insight. Before previous updates, the Monomimus’s evasive stance would atleast prove effective once or twice and then on lucky occasions all 3 but once out of 15 games, it’s effectively worked once so how does that work?


Aye, it’s not based on chance because it’s a RNG algorythm, which any programmer will tell you is actually not random at all but gives the impression (or simulation) of randomness.


The good/bad rng streaks are definable and trackable in this game.

It’s not a conspiracy, just bad programming.

I go from being angry at my bad luck, to feeling sorry for my opponents. It’s not cool.


My cloak almost always fails while my opponents almost always works. Sounds like 50/50 to me just not in my favor. :grinning:

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