Mechanism for increasing specific creature DNA


Wouldn’t it be nice if they implimented a mechanism that allowed us to add DNA of a creature of our choosing similar to the way POGO did with their buddy system?
Not sure how they’d do it for this game but there are too many times where I come up just a few DNA short for fusing with an epic that I rarely (or never) encounter.

Also, maybe this should get it’s own thread but I totally think Gen 2 dinos should be able to be utilized to get DNA for their Gen 1 counterparts considering they are essentially the same species. Maybe make it so you can use 10% or 20% of Gen 2 DNA to convert to Gen 1 DNA since most Gen 2s are completely useless in this game? IMHO Gen 2 dinos do nothing in this game but take up space that could and should be used for new, actual dinosaur species.


Exactly my thoughts! I think it would be good for the game if we had a chance for some DNA of the dino that makes your winning strike in a battle. That way it’s doable, but not too easy, so it’s not like giving away precious DNA for free. Also would motivate people to battle more.


I have been saying something similar for a while now!

My plan would be if you are close to a level up say within 100 you can purchase the dna you need!

They could even call it a level up incubator and have it in each dinosaurs stats location for X amount of game cash you are guaranteed X amount of DNA for that dinosaur.


Honestly I think it should be something that’s gameplay based, not purchasable. It would add another aspect to play that would make the game even more entertaining and add incentive to get out and play. Thats what was smart about POGO’s buddy system where you had to walk to earn candies for your 'mon.


an egg. just like PoGo. and, just like real dinosaurs.

only thing that I’d add is the rotting system. took to much to hatch your egg? now it’s gone.

that will FORCE people to move around. imagine that you have an EPIC egg. you have 48h to walk it 5km, so you can have their DNA. if you don’t, it will rot away.


The egg is basically the incubator so it already exists in the game. That said, it’d be nice if it was more broad and I agree that utilizing Gen 2 DNA would be really nice since they are largely worthless.


I agree with this but also gen1 dna to be trade into gen2, some people maybe need to level up till 11 some dinos in order to get the target of having an amount of level 11 dinos.