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Medal System Broken again?

Hi Ludia,

after the first tow tournament battles i got odd numbers for trophys again
36 and 27
got the trophy system got resetted by accident?


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Same issue. Won 24 and then 39.

Yep just won 20 on first match

Ludia, how hard can it be to not screw something up? I just entered the Tournament for this weekend and was unamused to see the 20/40 system appear again, even after the Community so desperately called for its removal, which you obliged to after a survey and numerous of Forum posts. So why did you revert back to the system that everyone hates so much? Please look into changing it back to the 30/30 system again, as this is just going to piss off the community even more.


@Ned @moderators This trophy format award system is now back again without a word? We are getting reports of 20 trophy increases once again. Please look into this as this lack of communication is driving people away with the same issues.

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Hey DPG members, thank you for reporting this to us! Our team is aware and they’re investigating.

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Please fix this.

Update: Hey DPG members, the issue should be fixed now. Please try restarting your game.



Thanks @ned for your quick work relaying the message to support and back to us.

well done .
like that quick rection :+1: