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Meddling in Rankings?

For weeks I have been able to battle in the Arena with pretty consistent results. Last two days I have had similar win rates but about 95% of my wins earned 25 or less trophies and 95% of my losses lost 35 or more trophies. Makes it a real slog to advance yet overnight the guy behind me was able to amass 2,000 additional trophies. Seems like a new algorithm put in place to artificially manipulate the rankings. Oh well at least hopefully it will apply equally and still give me a fighting chance to maintain the position I’ve worked hard to attain.

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And I apologize for posting something that may seem whiny or irrelevant. It’s actually not a big deal in the bigger scheme of things I just hope that if anyone from Ludia actually reads this they think of better ways to keep the rankings competitive.

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Have you noticed the relative trophy counts? I wondered a while ago about a similar problem. I watched for a while and saw, at that time anyways, that a win or a loss against a team that was dead even with you gave 30 points. If they were a higher trophy count you were rewarded more than 30 points for a win and less than 30 points for a loss. It was the reverse if they were lower than you in trophy points. If you beat them you receive under 30 trophies and if you lose to them you lose more than 30 trophies

That makes sense and I will start keeping track. Would be a welcomed explanation. It just seems mathematically unlikely after weeks of having it be one way that I would get matched up with lower trophy count bots almost exclusively for 100 or more matches. Also annoying is that I have been overlapping with the person one rank below me for dozens of hours without ever facing them head to head but maybe now that we are nearly the same trophy count that will change.

gpinsky1313 I don’t think they have altered the algorithm. Players observed increasing by 2000 points overnight are likely players that previously lowered their trophy count on purpose to obtain easy matches in ToM. The increase comes after such players complete ToM are work on returning to loftier trophy counts. Level 20 players can quickly ascend by 2000.

This is definitely not someone who has recently lowered his trophy count. I am ranked 1. He is ranked 2. We have each been going up about 1,000 trophies a day since the reboot. Until 2 days ago when even with several extra hours of playing I could barely get 1,000 the first day and was unable to get 1,000 yesterday. The person behind me got 2,000 while I slept so maybe they just played non-stop for 7 hours and did well but it seems like more than a coincidence.

All good though, hopefully now that we are even in rank we can both scale back and just play leap frog for awhile so I can use the extra time doing other things besides chasing trophies :slight_smile:

Good luck in the chase

After about a dozen tests your formula/algorithm seems accurate. So not sure why the last 2 days I’ve gotten the match-ups I’ve gotten but will chalk it up to a strange mathematical anomaly. The only good that has come from it is I’ve finally faced the guy in 2nd place a few times now so hopefully that will happen frequently.

I have noticed that with the new matching system I get a lot less bots than I used to. I use to almost never have anyone even 100 points away from me, usually the farther at was in the 90’s. It seems like now that they are trying to get more actual player vs player going they are stretching that. I have gotten several well over 100 on either side of me.

You being as highly placed as you are would have no one really higher than you so anytime you play a real person, which seems to be the goal, they are going to be significantly lower than you and thus score you less points.

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