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Medium resilient counter-attack does not cleanse reduced damage

Bug Description:
The tooltip for “Medium resilient counter-attack” after patch 2.9 includes “Self: Cleanse reduced damage.”

However the actual result is: It does not cleanse reduced damage.

Area is was found in:

How do you reproduce the bug:
You can check this anywhere, but for example.
Step 1- Select Campaign mission 68
Step 2- Pick Hadros Lux.
Step 3- Erlidominus will attack first. Wait for it to use “Distracting Impact”
Step 4- Lux will counter-attack, but it will not cleanse the distraction.

How often does it happen:
Always and all 4 creatures that have the ability: Hadros Lux, Skoonasaurus, Ankyntrosaurus, Sonorasaurus.

What type of device are you using:
iPhone X
iOS 14.6


resilient counter didnt cleanse reduction before so its probs a typo in the notes?


Thanks, Retro! Forwarded this to our team.