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Did any of you recieve a monolemetrodon DNA from ludia???

I didn’t. If anyone did can they say how?

Are you talking about the free 1k metrodon they gave out for missed rewards? No

I didn’t get it but I believe most people who did got it in their inbox like most rewards and gifts

I got the 1000 Monolometrodon. It was delivered the same way that all compensation incubators are delivered… in the little window where Tapjoy shows up. It was up for less that 20 minutes. My wife also saw it pop up but didn’t cash it in right away. By the time she got around to opening it, it was gone.

When I heard other players were getting it I was somewhat relieved I didn’t because that thing is already op and I really don’t need any more of it.

Ok that’s strange… I’m missing two 0’s

Not a problem.
10 plus zero plus zero is still 10.


I got 1000 Monolometrodon DNA from the in-game mailbox today, as did one of my alliance mates. image

I got ten as well.

I guess on the one hand, I don’t really care because I don’t need Monolometriadon and it’s already lvl 20.

On the other, was it really that hard to give out the right reward? Might as well have not sent it at all.

It seems that it is, every single time a reward is given.

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rewards have been amazing lately haven’t they? Some people got 1k metrodon dna, others got 10, others didn’t even get anything, some are still missing their compensation rewards, and for our +5 hour patience for badges and new designs update we got a measly player title