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Meet #8


just unlocked my 8th unique and it is…

very excited for this guy and maybe i can get enough dna to level it up in a couple years :joy:


hes already got that BRING IT face haha

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Nice grats :slight_smile: Still waiting to get mine, would be a nice x-mas gift.

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If only you could request epic dna for alliances… it would be golden (chicken) :joy::joy:

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I just unlocked mine too. It takes a while to get used to but it sure is amazing.

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It stayed on my team at L22 for a while and performed very well. Then I got my Dilorach up to L24 and decided to give zombie chicken the boot :zombie:‍♂ :chicken: :boot:

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Congrats! !!!

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Gratz, um…wait I’m still on #1, loud sigh


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Lucky! That’s the one I want the most. Up to 4, basics, Indo, Touj, Magna, and Thor, and 40 away from Utarinex, and 70 from green Chicken. But my duck L’orange is only 17 and I can find it anywhere!

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