Meg Unlock

Hey guys,

Just wanted to make sure whether or not my aquatic lineup is able to unlock the meg? Just forgot about whther this unlock event was park level based or personal lineup based or something else? Here is my aquatic lineup btw, its not the best but hoping it would be enough. Oh and ive also got 1 Bananafish to be hatched in a day. My cave fishies just arent as strong as the others, which makes me a bit nervous if it would affect my chances. And I also dont know if I should level up my other, weaker fishies but dont know if it would make the AI’s harder and it just wouldnt be worth doing so. Its just I would hate missing out on this one as theres literally no other way apart from the wheel which I havent been lucky at with getting the meg lol. Thanks :))

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It should be based off your current ferocity, if so post the battles you get here and we shall see


I’ll give you a strategy … use the minimum of strong creatures

just example…

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I remember a few of these Thursday unlocks being basically impossible back when I was a young park. It may be based on ferocity, but these unlocks are so easy for me now, I might lean toward park level.

I suggest saving up your coins, food and DB.

Open the battle and level up if needed. This trick only works once where you can level up after the bots are selected, so don’t over level, saving some leveling up for the next battle.

Use DB to buy back your Dino’s to try again if needed. The bots tend to follow 1 or 2 patterns, thus giving you an idea of how to play taking advantage of what the bot will do.

The only warning on the leveling up, all of you future battles will be based on you leveled up fish. So, it has some risk for right now. You’ll hatch more fish and make it easier again down the road. You just have to decide how bad you want the unlock this Thursday.

Edit: if you need help, post the battles here and we will help you select the best choices.


Thanks for that guys. Fortunately it was a breeze lol. Though I did use Bananogmius but hatched it after the battle was available to open. I read something here on the thread about hatching something after the battle opens as it would be based on your current lineup not what is in the hatching building (if that makes sense).

Edit: Didnt see your comment until after I completed the unlock haha. Good thing I remembered this.

Btw i have another Bananogmius in the hatchery. Do you recomment me selling it or keep it? Based on what you said, a bit unsure what I should do as I thought it would be really hard so i bought 2, also just incase Ludia decides to lock it again.

I would keep the second, just don’t fuse it, and if you are worried about it, don’t feed it either.


Keep it. Very good fish to have around and work ok in dom at L20.