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Mega creatures


that’s enough! I’m really sick of spending dollars and dollars to repeatedly unlock my most powerful dinosaurs to try and win against 400-level creatures and over with more than 7,000 of attack. it is impractical. I propose that creatures should not duplicate level 40, otherwise it becomes too difficult. who is okay with me?


Yeah. Unless we too can level up beyond 40, why’re we facing unrealistic, unachievable monsters? Yesterday, I lost a battle even with a level 20 indoraptor plus two of my strongest dinos, and still lost first time around. Spent a ton of bucks to win the next time round coz I had to switch strategy.


This thread is similar to the “daily battles too difficult one” we discussed earlier. The issue remains. Today I had to face off against a level 169 Spinoraptor. Ridiculous. I don’t remember the numbers now, but it was some crazy 6000 health and 1500 damage. My highest level dinos are around 1500-2000 health and 700-900 health. Even with class advantages, such battles are ridiculous and not fun, especially since, if you are free to play, you get to use those high-level dinos maybe once or twice a day due to the long cool-down time.

As I said elsewhere, I’ve not really played PvE that much. I can still get to the Clash of Titans thanks to easier aquatic and cenozoic events, and some of the battles that only allow rare or common dinos. But however they figure out the matchmaking for the PvE battles, it’s a bit off, at least for those with high-level dinos.


I have had to use the PvE glitch way more than I ever had to the last month or so I order to win a good portion of the harder matchups. I am not sure what they switched but it would be nice if they switched it back / off. The balance is way off on the PvE events that are using standard Dinosuars. The aquatic and Cenozoic seem to be working fine from what I can tell.


Truth. It took me a few times to get the hang of that little trick you and GamingBeaver mentioned, but it sure has helped. Thank you.

For me also, the Cenozoic and Aquatic battles are more reasonable. It seems like the game really does base your opponents off whatever your highest level dino is, even if it’s light-years stronger than all your other dinos. For instance, my most powerful dino is a level 30 Indominus with not quite 4000 health and about 1300 or so damage. My next highest dino is a level 40 Tapejalosaurus with 1300 health and 900 damage, and everything else goes down from there. Nevertheless, my PvE opponents are usually about the level of my Indominus, which means not much PvE for me (exception: on the “rare only” or “common only” battles, the opponents are much more reasonable. Unfortunately for the “super rare only” battles, I have a level 30 Giganocephalus that is way ahead of all my other super rares, so I run into the same way-too-hard opponents for “super rare only” battles."

As we’ve said elsewhere, moral to the story: keep all your dinos at about the same health-damage level, and don’t let any of them become significantly more powerful than the rest!