Mega Hybrid ideas

Though they’re not in the game officially but we can imagine. First M-DNA (or Mega DNA) will be yellow
Dimetrocarnominus (Dimetrocarnus + Indominus Rex Gen 2 M-DNA)
Looks like Indominus Rex with the head and sail of Level 40 Dimetrocarnus.
Indodunkeloraptor (Indoraptor + Dunkelosaurus M-DNA)
Is an Indoraptor with the fins of Dunkelosaurus on it’s limbs and has the head of Dunkelosaurus.
Tapejalocephalodon (Tapejalocephalus + Megalodon M-DNA)
Will be a Megalodon with the head of Tapejalocephalus.
Albertospinos (Spinotahsuchus + Albertosaurus M-DNA)
Will be like it was in JWA.

That would unbalance the game, and make the carnivore class even stronger than it already is. Not to mention the power creep the poor Amphibians would have to suffer.


Don’t worry I’ll be buffing the amphibians